9/1/14: Chapter Summaries Again!

Okay, I've got the majority of the chapter summaries that I assigned people, but there's still a couple I'm missing. I'll give the stragglers until the end of this week, but after that I'll assume I'm not getting that one and just write it myself. Also, if any of you that have turned them in and have not claimed their sketch requests yet still want to, please let me know! If I haven't responded to anyone's message about any of that, my inbox probably ate it or something so please resend! And thank you guys so much for your help with these! <3

October 2014: DuskTheHalfDemon!


Chapter 23: Page 5

27 Nov 2014 02:31 pm

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

Hey! Happy Turkey Day. Here's a page. Enjoy between your face-stuffing activities and traditional political arguments with family (wait, that's not tradition for everyone? Then enjoy your regular discussions with family).

To those not celebrating Thanksgiving...happy Thursday.

Question of the Update: Sooo Morgai just kinda...jumped into the thing. What's that gonna do?

And You Say...

LouLouBaBa says,

Yeap, you always make my Thursday a happy one when I find an update!! Does Maya's panther side talk to her too??

crazyhead42 (Guest) says,

Re: tradition

Yeah, we reserve political arguments for voting season, political disasters, that time after school when I and my parents watch the Colbert Report and Daily Show, and any time someone posts a political meme.

ScottishWolf says,

Happy thursday of no meaning! Well, i feel like this will escalate quickly

Hazumirein says,

@crazyhead42: I kinda wish my parents watched Colbert or the Daily Show. My dad basically takes Fox News as the word of God haha.

crazyhead42 (Guest) says,

Sounds like my grandparents. Wish there were a better place for news, but it seems the next best thing is BBC, and I don't want to have to sift through the content of articles to get the gist of what is going on. I already have about as much as I can handle with my homework and web comics, and often have to watch Colbert and the Daily Show all at once to avoid a conflict.

TCRanch says,


yeah, my whole family pretty much has thd same views. also that portal makes more sense now. it seems to me morgai conscienceness was sealed, and riza opened the seal, thus the hole. the hole is the connection between riza and morgai's consciencenesses

Comments, anyone?