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DC 2.0 Progress Update 5

August 14th, 2019, 11:00 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

Alright so I felt that I was at a point where I had gone too long without giving an update. I was hesitating because I was hoping to have more to show, but, uh, I don't, I am.

The short version of this is that DC: Reflections is still happening. I'm pretty happy with what I've got so far. It's coming along nicely. Just...slower than I'd like.

I guess I knew from the getgo that the first chapter was going to be the hardest because I pretty much totally started from scratch--even the story told there is pretty different than the original version, I think.

I'm not going to bore you guys with too many details about how I'm back to hating my full-time job and am planning to quit in the next few months (I'm not the only one--we've turned over half of our office in the last 6-8 months, which is part of the problem), but suffice to say my life has been as messy and busy as ever as I try to figure out where I want to go from here. The reality is that I probably shouldn't be this exhausted and burnt out by my career at 27, and it's negatively affecting everything else I try to do (including this), so it might be time to explore other options. But, more on that another day.

The specific negative effect this has had on DC is mostly how little work I got done on it in July--I was spending most of my time at one of my many jobs and the rest trying to catch up on sleep. It's evened out a little now and I'm working more steadily on this, and really all that's left to do is finish the art and the website (and I'm debating outsourcing that because Wordpress makes me want to pull my hair out--if anyone is/knows a decent, affordable web designer, let me know).

I know I was talking about bringing in a secondary artist to help with the workload here, and that's still something I'd like to do when I'm sure I have the finances for it, but I'm not sure I do yet and I kind of wanted to do the first chapter myself to figure out the art style anyway.

Anyhow, what I'm alluding to with all of this is that I don't have a release date set yet. August definitely isn't happening. September seems much more promising, barring too many hiccups along the way. Cross your fingers for me.

Aaaand I'll see you in a few weeks!

PS. The image above is just one of my favorite completed art panels so far. The full, widescreen version looks better, but I don't want to show off everything in advance ;)

And You Say...

Birdz555 says,

I'm sorry your job has been stressful and messy - that's never fun. :( I hope that situation gets sorted out. And I'm glad that you're pleased with what you've got so far! I'm looking forward to it :D

NightHawk787 says,

Just wondering as to the future of the comic

Hey. I'm just wondering what's going to be happening with the comic, I know it's only been a month after you said you'd be back, but I just wanted to ask. I'm really hoping that there is going to be more, as I was really enjoying it.

Comments, anyone?