9/1/14: Chapter Summaries Again!

Okay, I've got the majority of the chapter summaries that I assigned people, but there's still a couple I'm missing. I'll give the stragglers until the end of this week, but after that I'll assume I'm not getting that one and just write it myself. Also, if any of you that have turned them in and have not claimed their sketch requests yet still want to, please let me know! If I haven't responded to anyone's message about any of that, my inbox probably ate it or something so please resend! And thank you guys so much for your help with these! <3



Chapter 27: Page 17

30 Jun 2016 11:00 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

Hey look, only one week between updates. That's an accomplishment these days.

Logic and puzzle-solving is really one of Xan's stronger points, if you couldn't tell. Actually, I often joke that he could never be the main character of the comic because he's good at so many things that it'd just seem ridiculous.

Question of the Update: Does anyone else have a side character in a story that is just plain overpowered but because they're not the main character it's not really noticeable?

The next page is sketched out but looking at my schedule in the coming weeks I have no idea when I'm going to actually finish it. Oi.

And You Say...

Browser says,

Comic <3

Answer of the update!:
- tl;dr answer: No.
- Rambling answer:
I have too many stories that stopped 3-10 pages in... despite being told that they're great, I don't have the skill/experience to build a longer plot nor do I have the confidence or writing experience to make recurring secondary characters. Maybe in the future I'll get there but for now, I've shifted my focus to fanfics so that I have an established storyline to follow and build upon, to help me practice.

Lore (Guest) says,

Question of the week.

All my characters are like normal people. They have one, maybe two strengths and get stronger from there with the main character. It takes longer for some than others. I am happy to say however that my story has no foil characters. Yay! It is on its its 30th, I mean final(ish) draft.

Naimah (Guest) says,

I have that exact thing, yes

Well, sort of. I am writing some stories involving some pretty powerful demons. It centers around a succubus named Tiphaine, but her paramour is a huge scary bestial demon named Azakel who is one of the villains from an RPG I ran. He was what I threw at the party when they were all max level, and he very nearly TPKed the lot of them. So now he's just a sounding board for Tiph's ideas, despite being more dangerous than an unstable nuclear bomb.

KingKomodo (Guest) says,

No comics or anything, just ideas but sort of? Oddly enough a "Jack of all trades" when it comes to people with abilities beyond that of a normal human being usually seem to me to be more overpowered than anyone who has specialized themselves and is well beyond them in any one area. i.e. A rouge who knows how to fight with a sword and shield along with perform a small amount of magic is going to at the very least appear more powerful than a simple knight or wizard.

Comments, anyone?