9/1/14: Chapter Summaries Again!

Okay, I've got the majority of the chapter summaries that I assigned people, but there's still a couple I'm missing. I'll give the stragglers until the end of this week, but after that I'll assume I'm not getting that one and just write it myself. Also, if any of you that have turned them in and have not claimed their sketch requests yet still want to, please let me know! If I haven't responded to anyone's message about any of that, my inbox probably ate it or something so please resend! And thank you guys so much for your help with these! <3



Chapter 28: Page 10

21 Oct 2016 11:00 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

Sorry for the day late, but better that than no update at all.

That said I basically promise Monday's page will be late because I literally won't be home the whole weekend.

This page wasn't supposed to have any dialogue, but I thought some people might miss the joke without it.

Question of the Update: Have YOU ever tried to secretly follow someone for some reason? Did you get caught?

And You Say...

KingKomodo (Guest) says,

Secretly following someone? No, haven't done that at least in the sense that Riza is doing now, so I wasn't caught either.

Captain Ghost says,

Hah! Riza's face xD

... pfffff, this whole page is great actually.

I can't recall secretly following people before... hrm. I dunno! My memory is pretty crummy though so.

(also I fancy the page would read quite well without the dialogue, but having it doesn't hurt I suppose o=

Comments, anyone?