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Music Recommendation: I Fight Dragons

I've been meaning to write this for like, a month, just haven't had time. :P

ANYWAY. Yeah, I'm still trying to do these little recommendation things. I've got a band for you this time. Yaayyyy music.

To put it simply, I Fight Dragons is easily one of my favorite new (well, new to me) bands and have one of the coolest sounds I've heard in a long time. As the name might suggest, the music has a bit of a nerdy edge---meaning, they manage to combine super catchy pop rock tunes with 8-bit video game music (played on real controllers!). Like, instead of guitar solos, some songs have...well, 8-bit solos. It's one of those things that sounded odd until I heard it and realized it sounded fantastic. That's definitely not the only thing that makes the music good, though. In fact I'm pretty sure I'd like these guys even without the appeal to my inner nerd. Besides, again, the melodies--which range from super poppy to downright funky--the majority of the song lyrics have a kind of sarcastic optimism that says, "Hey, life inherently sucks, you might as well stop complaining and make the best of it." Which is awesome (and quite in line with my own life outlook XD)

IFD is one of those rare bands that I really don't have any criticism for. I mean, I'm not gonna say it's the greatest music I've ever heard, but if there's anything particular wrong with it I can't put my finger on it. It's interesting. It's both the same sort of thing I usually like and something I've never heard before. I can't exactly explain it. Go figure.

Something else interesting? I got my hands on their Cool Is Just A Number EP awhile ago, and liked it so much that I broke every rule I've ever made about paying for music and tossed out the (small amount of) six bucks or so for the download of their new Welcome To The Breakdown EP. Without hearing it first. That's like, unheard of for me. I just had enough faith that these guys were going to give me something worth the money that I was okay with it. And you know what? It was worth every penny and then some. Welcome To The Breakdown is a great EP, as was Cool Is Just A Number, and on the whole, I Fight Dragons is a pretty great band. Go check them out. Because I said so.

I Fight Dragons Site <--While you're there, play the little Flash game on the homepage XD.

My Favorite IFD Songs (Youtube links):

Heads Up, Hearts Down <---First IFD song I heard. Check out the acoustic version too.
The Faster The Treadmill...
No One Likes Superman Anymore
Welcome To The Breakdown
Give It Up <--One of my overall favorite songs at the moment.
Just Decide
She's Got Sorcery <--This one makes me laugh, and it's crazy fun.

So yeah. I'll try to write more of these things. Hopefully the next one doesn't take me a month. In the meantime, I enjoy this band; hopefully some of you people will too :D

Literature Recommendation: They're Made Out of Meat.

Okay. I totally had something else in mind for this, but I stumbled upon this today and immediately decided that anyone who hasn't read it needs to. It takes like, five minutes, and you will laugh, then realize what a weird/scary possibility it is, then laugh again, then kind of grimace but have enjoyed it anyway.

Have a link:
"They're Made Out of Meat" by Terry Bisson


So, at the realization of the fact that I have nothing that I absolutely need to be doing at this moment, thus am rather bored, I thought I'd start making use of this stupid newsblog that I never have any news to put in, since I put anything important in the author comments of the comic pages. So, uh, here's me "making use of it".

I heard the question, not too long ago, of what inspires me. My answer to that is typically inspirational stuff that other people do. Maybe I'm just secretly competitive, but whenever I see an awesome piece of creative material from someone, my thoughts on it don't stop at, "That's awesome!" They go to, "That's awesome! I wanna do something like that!" Not that I can't appreciate others' work for what it is...I just tend to want to see if I can do it too. Which is probably the reason I draw, write, play music and am in school for video game design. Among other creative endeavors.

Anyway, I thought that since this blog has been going unused for far too long, I would start using it to write about awesome things that other people do that I would recommend you guys check out. Just in hopes of spreading awareness of cool things, because cool things are cool (and inspiring). And maybe you'll find something that inspires you to do something cool too.

Expect recommendations of a host of different things; books, movies, games, music, comics/webcomics, maybe some anime and manga, TV shows, podcasts, or whatever happens to have my attention at the moment. These won't be reviews or anything like that, just, "hey, I enjoyed this, maybe you will too" posts. As often as possible I'll provide links and such to places you can find/download/purchase these things.

ANYWAY. After that lengthier than necessary (as usual) introduction, I'd like to make my first recommendation of...something cool for you to check out (I need a shorter title for that).

I think I'm going to start out with a story (no, not me telling one, thankfully). As I was working on a comic page today, I was listening to the podcast rendition of Marco and the Red Granny, a novella by Mur Lafferty. Yes, I made that face when I heard the title, too. And the same face when I heard what it was about: "It's a tale of artists, aliens, alcoholics, and moon gladiators." Sounds pretty bizarre, right? Well, yes, it is, a little. But it still manages to be a fascinating story that sucks you right in and refuses to spit you out.

I admit I was hesitant to check it out at first, being that I love a lot of Mur's other work (her podcast novella series, Heaven, and her surprisingly-helpful-to-comic-creators writing podcast, I Should Be Writing, among other things), and for some reason I'm always afraid to look at new things by creators I love because I fear being disappointed, even though that's almost never the case. Anyway, I finally did get around to it today, and of course, am loving it.

So, if you find yourself in the mood for a good story (particularly one concerning gladiatorial combat on the moon), I recommend you check out Marco and the Red Granny by Mur Lafferty.

You can find the beginning of the podcast version at Hubfiction, and the text version on the book site here. So go take a look/listen, and hopefully you enjoy it as much as I have.

Anyway, expect these little recommendation posts 1-2 times a week, or whenever I have something to tell you about. Otherwise, later =D

Project Wonderful

Well, I finally got around to putting some PW ads on this site. Hopefully they're not too...irritatingly noticeable. Frankly, I don't like ads, but I guess after awhile you barely realize they're there. And I need money from those adboxes to pay for advertising of my own XD. So yeah. I hope you guys don't find them too obtrusive.

I also took the old site down, finally. This is now officially the home of DC, haha. Sooo, enjoy, and I will see you guys Monday with an update :D

ALSO. Go check out the DC forums. They sort of died. Again. Come talk to me and stuff, I'M LONELY D:

I haven't used this news blog in 3 years.

Seriously. I made one post and never used it again. BUT. Hopefully that'll change now that my SJ site is once again the main website for DC. And I at least occasionally used the blog on the other site, so hopefully this one'll get some use too.

But yeah. I have having issues with my host (among other things) on that other site, and after a not-so-great hunt for a new one, I ended up deciding to give SJ's premium hosting a try. So far, I like it. I know SJ's interface and how everything works, and I can do all my uploading/editing/blogging/etc. from one site instead of having to log into Wordpress for one thing, Blogger for another, my host site for another, etc. It's all right here. And having spent so much time learning to code a layout from scratch made it way easier than it used to by to work with SJ's coding, so I managed to fix all the layout problems I had with both sites. Now they all do what I want them too (take that Wordpress and your impossible layout coding!). While I was moving the site around, I did some updating to some pages that needed it (added new characters and chapter summaries to the About page, and put a crapload of art in the Gallery), so everything's up to date and ready to go.

So yeah. In a way I feel like I'm taking a step back, coming from my own site back to Smackjeeves...but it's making my life so much easier XD. Oh. And I finally got my own domain. So that makes up for it XD.

Next order of business: Put the rest of the new pages up here, and get on the whole advertising thing. I've been putting that off for way too long.

Anyway, again, hopefully this blog won't be so neglected anymore, and enjoy the new site!


Hey there! Okay, so I've been working on this webcomic for awhile now, and usually just post it on Deviantart. Then I randomly came across Smack Jeeves and was like "OMG WEBSITE". So I'm trying to get this place set up :D. The layout's obviously still a bit of a work in progress...^^; Coding isn't my specialty.

Anyway, currently I just put up the prologue and first chapter cover of the comic. But right now I've got up page *thinks*...33 of Chapter 1 finished, so I'll be posting the rest soon. When I catch up with myself, I generally try to finish 2 pages per week and update on Sundays =P. A good deal of the comic is done in my spare time in and after school, so how fast I work generally depends on that.

Anyway, details aside, hope you all enjoy the comic :)
(And even if you don't, well I'll do it anyway because I have nothing better to do. Not counting homework XD)

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