Riza Wolfe is a pretty ordinary teen. You know, normal school, normal friends, normal looks, normal family, normal life. And she just so happens to be completely bored out of her mind with it.

However, when Riza receives a dream catcher as a gift one day, things get more interesting in a hurry. She's suddenly offered the chance to get away from her ordinary life, and escape to another world full of the sorts of things she dreams about. Like, you know, anthropomorphic wolves with funny bandanas, idiotic spike demons, annoying old men, furry-feather dragons, elven ninjas, sarcastic street kids, rich bratty fire mages...okay, so it's not /exactly/ what she had in mind. But hey, it beats doing homework by a long shot.

And the best part about the whole thing? She's not even human anymore.






Age: 14
D.O.B.: 5/17
Gender: Female
Race: Half-wolf
Hair: Brown
Fur: Lighter brown.
Eyes: Also brown :P
Occupation: Dreamer (N. America/Rokenthia)
Random Fact: Regardless of which world she's in, Riza is deathly afraid of insects and spiders, particularly if she doesn't know what kind they are.
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Info: After Luna presents her with the Dreamstone and brings her to Rokenthia, Riza finds that she likes it infinitely better there than at home. As a half-wolf, she is generally happier, more talkative, and more optimistic than as a human, and makes friends easily. This, in a way, is probably her making up for her negativity as a human. ...However, she's /still/ easy to annoy.


Age: ?
D.O.B.: 5/8
Gender: Female
Race: Werewolf Demon
Hair/Fur: Medium Gray
Eyes: Purple
Occupation: Guardian (Riza)
Random Fact: Luna absolutely refuses to tell anyone how old she is. No one knows why.
Reference: Hey You! Click here!

Info: Assigned by Ooji to be Riza's Guardian, Luna grudgingly puts up with the young half-wolf and leads her around Rokenthia in search of information on the Dreamers, Dreamstones, and basically anything pertaining to just why Riza's there in the first place.
Luna's quite secretive, and next to nothing is known about her past. She does, however, insist that being considered a demon does not make her evil, and also that the werewolf demons are fairly civilized, compared to many other creatures.


Age: 14
D.O.B.: 12/12
Gender: Male
Race: ?
Hair: Black
Eyes: Darkish blue
Occupation: N/A
Random Fact: Dae hasn't used his last name in so long that he forgot what it is.
Pet/Mount: Arashi (horse)
Reference: Click-eth.

Info: When Daemian made the mistake of helping Riza and Luna out in a tough situation (more or less saving Riza's life, really), Riza wasn't about to let the favor go unreturned. Much to Luna's distaste, she offered the "street rat" a sort of home with she and Luna, and for some reason he's stuck around since. Dae's generally pretty laid-back, but can be sarcastic and irritable, and occasionally a straight-up jerk. He does have a kinder, more helpful side if you catch him in a good mood, though. However, he still does seem to be keeping some secrets. He's also a major bookworm and probably has a bit of a crush on Nirako.

Nirako Ailley

Age: 15
D.O.B.: 4/23
Gender: Female
Race: Half-elf
Hair: Silver
Eyes: Very faint purple (Blind)
Occupation: Aijin (elfin ninja)
Random Fact: Nirako's not /completely/ blind; she can make out some lights and darks and REALLY indistinct shapes. She also has a tendency left over from being able to see to look in the direction of whatever she's listening/speaking to.
Pet/Mount: Twyla (bird)

Info: Nirako is an aijin originally hired to kill Riza, but she's seemingly abandoned that mission since she discovered that her long-lost friend Daemian was alive and with them. Now she's apparently joined the group, much to Riza's distaste, and is traveling with them. Nirako is quiet, and prefers not to speak much. She's rarely hindered by her blindness, as her aijin training and heightened elfin senses mostly make up for her lack of vision.

Xan Relecross

Age: 12
D.O.B.: 10/10
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green
Occupation: Fire Mage (in-training)
Random Fact: If it weren't for his eventually inheriting his father's job, Xan would want to become a math teacher.
Pet/Mount: Featherscales (dragon)

Info: When Xan literally ran into the group (or Daemian, anyway), none of them expected to meet him again later--as Mayor-King Relecross's son. However, regardless of their patchy start, Xan offers to lead Riza and friends to a library owned by the Relecross family to look for information on the Dreamstone. Besides that, however, he claims to want to get out of Relecross to look for his long-missing older brother, Xavier. Xan is full of energy and always looking for some kind of entertainment, usually in the form of playing pranks on those around him. He gets along well with Riza and Arashi, but Luna and Dae could do without him =P.
Xan also has 9 different-sized little fireballs that are constantly floating around him. These are fire sprites, and were given to him as a child for protection. He uses them for fire magic, manipulating them into different shapes. The four largest sprites have usually visible eyes that allow them to express different emotions, indicating that they are (probably) living beings.


Age: 67
D.O.B.: 6/15
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: White
Eyes: Grey
Occupation: Keeper (Dreamstones)
Random Fact: Ooji absolutely despises being called old.

Info: Keeper of the Dreamstones, Ooji persuaded Luna to bring Riza to the other world and remain her Guardian. He doesn't really seem to know much about the objects of his responsibility, but you never know, he may be hiding something. On the other hand, maybe he really is just a senile old man.


Age: 10 (20-ish in Spike demon years)
D.O.B.: 9/20
Gender: Male
Race: Greater Spike Demon
Fur/Spikes: Dark Blue/Golden-orange
Eyes: Yellow
Occupation: HAHAHAHA none.
Random Fact: Raus has rather unusual love for apricots.

Info: Leader of a small pack of Lesser Spike Demons, Raus and his so-called "minions" make their home in the woods surrounding Luna's hut. Too lazy to do much hunting of his own, Raus prefers raiding Luna's food stashes when she's not around. He and his demons have been caught and chased off more than once, but it doesn't seem to phase them much.
Raus has two forms: A canine-looking "true" form, and a more humanoid form, and can switch between the two at will. However, getting injured or overly tired when in human form will often cause him to change back.


Age: ?
D.O.B.: 9/21
Gender: Male
Race: Werewolf Demon
Fur: Grey-Brown
Eyes: Red
Occupation: Bounty Hunter/Mercenary
Random Fact: Lunos is (secretly) rather greedy. He's generally a nice guy unless there's some kind of money involved.
Reference: Clicky!

Info: Lunos pretty much appeared out of the blue and assisted Riza, Luna, and Dae in taking care of their little problem with the spirit demons. As a gesture of gratitude, Riza invited him back to the hut for some dinner and such, much to Luna's distaste. He turned out to be friendly and funny, and even offered to teach Riza how to hunt. However, later that night, he showed a completely different side of himself.
Lunos is big and strong, but usually appears to be good natured. He fights with twin short swords, and relies a lot on brute strength to win his battles. He seems to be a bounty hunter/mercenary type, and works simply for pay. Also, he and Luna seem to have some kind of history together, although neither will openly talk about it.


Age: ?
D.O.B.: 7/21
Gender: Male
Race: Horse
Coloring: White body with black mane, tail, and hooves.
Eyes: Green
Occupation: Carrying stuff and being annoying.
Random Fact: Arashi enjoys trying to race with trains.

Info: While on their way to Relecross, Riza, Luna, and Dae managed to pick up a rather unusual horse, who Riza named Arashi. He's energetic, devious, and seemingly too smart for any normal horse. His favorite pastime is messing with Daemian or any other unfortunate soul who happens to be around.

Mr. RelecrossMr. (Xander) Relecross

Age: 45
D.O.B.: 9/19
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green
Occupation: Fire Mage & Mayor-King of Relecross
Random Fact: All of the Relecross family's first names start with an "X", including Mr. Relcross's, Xander, and his three kids'; Xavier, Xan, and Xayla. The X's are always pronounced like Z's. (The exception is Mrs. Relecross, whose name is Mariana, but she's a Relecross by marriage.)

Info: After deciding that the Relcross City Library was getting them nowhere, Riza and the group headed for the next possible source of information--the Mayor-King himself. He doesn't seem to know much about the Dreamers and Dreamstones himself, but he does direct the group to somewhere else they might be able to find it. Mr. Relecross is kind and helpful, though just a little bit of a jokester. He doesn't have a problem putting his foot down when the situation calls for it, though.


Age: ?
D.O.B.: 3/15
Gender: Male
Race: Feather Dragon
Fur: White
Scales: Green
Feathers: Blue, Yellow, Orange, and Red. It's a parrot-like coloration.
Eyes: Purple
Occupation: Carrying Xan around and being cute.
Random Fact: Feath can't actually fly with his wings; they're not big enough. They're more designed for long distance jumping/running.

Info: Featherscales is Xan's pet dragon. He's friendly and fun-loving, and very loyal to his master (though occasionally a bit of a scaredy-cat). Xan often rides on his back when traveling.


Age: 6
D.O.B.: 1/20
Gender: Female
Race: Rivos-eve Bird
Feathers: Shades of pinkish-purple.
Eyes: Purple
Occupation: Flying Nirako around and occasionally assisting in her aijin duties
Random Fact: Twyla was a mysterious gift to Nirako, left on her grandmother's doorstep on Nira's birthday one year.

Info: Twyla is Nirako's pet and battle partner; Nira rides on her back when traveling and occasionally to catch a target by surprise from above. She's protective and loyal to her master, and is highly intelligent, easily able to understand human tongue. She doesn't like Dae much.

FeatherscalesMontague (Monty)

Age: 19
D.O.B.: 2/21
Gender: Male
Race: Half-elf
Hair: Dark brown.
Eyes: Medium brown.
Occupation: Librarian's apprentice
Random Fact: Monty doesn't like leaving the library a) because he doesn't like leaving Mr. Totem by himself and b) because he's always afraid that something in the forest is going to eat him :P

Info: Monty is the apprentice at the Relecross family's private library, and works under Mr. Totem (though nowadays he functions more as a babysitter than anything). He's kindhearted, polite, and soft-spoken, and doesn't like to cause trouble. He also gets flustered fairly easily, but generally doesn't all-out succumb to stress. He's a friend of Xan's through once being friends with his older brother, Xavier, before he disappeared. In fact, Mayor-King Relecross got Monty the apprenticeship at the library in the first place.

Mr. TotemMr.Totem

Age: 83
D.O.B.: 11/11
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: White. Mostly not there though.
Eyes: Blue-grey.
Occupation: Librarian
Random Fact: Mr. Totem loves flowers. Especially big pretty ones that smell nice.

Info: Mr. Totem is the librarian at the Relecross family's private library, and was once a serious, grumpy old man. Then a giant book fell on his head and he's significantly more insane--albeit friendlier--though he still retains a vast collection of knowledge of nearly all topics imaginable. These days, he spends his time dancing around the library while Monty does most of the actual work :P


Age: 15
D.O.B.: 8/10
Gender: Male
Race: Half-wolf
Hair: Brown.
Fur: Lighter brown.
Eyes: Also brown.
Occupation: N/A
Random Fact: Faro's not purebred half-wolf; he's a little bit of some kind of dog in him, which probably accounts for the curly tail and overly-friendly disposition.

Info: Faro is a sort of wandering half-wolf that spends most of his time paling around with his buddies Adrian and Triv. He leads a pretty simple life and likes it that way. Faro's also one of those guys that is genuinely a good person, and would do absolutely anything for his friends. He's positive and outgoing, friendly almost to a fault, and tries his best to get along with everyone. Of course, he can also get kind of emotional and is easy to get worked up, and holds grudges rather well.

AdrianAdrian Rivers

Age: 18
D.O.B.: 9/18
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Occupation: N/A (Archer)
Random Fact: Ade's survival instincts actually kind of suck, despite the amount of time he spends running around in the woods with Faro and Triv. He also can't seem to start a fire to save his life.

Info: Ade hails from a village that really doesn't like half-creatures. He never really understood this racism to begin with, and met Faro and Triv at a fairly young age, so ultimately he wound up disagreeing with the whole mentality and just sneaking around to hang out with them (much to the annoyance of his family). He's quiet, passive, slow to anger, and very polite, but is also clever and has a devious streak that gets he and his friends both into and out of trouble on a regular basis. He's a pretty good shot with his bow, but has no skills at all when it comes to close combat.


Age: ?? (Young adult)
D.O.B.: 6/20
Gender: Male
Race: Wolf (?)
Fur: Very dark, charcoal gray on top, with lighter gray around the eyes, muzzle, legs, and underside.
Markings: Vine-like "tattoo" on his right front leg.
Eyes: Yellow.
Occupation: N/A (mostly babysits Faro and Ade)
Random Fact: Triv has a talent for acting, and playing a poor injured animal has helped him get his hands on more than one meal from a sympathetic passerby.

Info: Triv is a wolf that can talk. No one really knows the reason, and he won't explain it. He spends most of his time hanging out with (a.k.a babysitting) Faro and Adrian. He has a strange tattoo-like marking on his leg that he also won't talk about. He's cocky, sarcastic, and somewhat condescending, and rarely passes up a chance to make fun of someone. Despite his attitude, however, he's sort of a coward at heart, and only picks battles he knows he can win.

Salshira Sheridan

Age: 22
D.O.B.: 7/21
Gender: Female
Race: ?
Hair: Red
Eyes: Amber/Orange-red
Occupation: ?
Random Fact: She's very self-conscious about her appearance and probably puts more effort into it than most of the other DC characters combined.

Info: N/A


Age: 32
D.O.B.: 1/15
Gender: Male
Race: ?
Hair: Black with some brown highlights.
Eyes: Dark Brown/Yellow
Occupation: ?
Random Fact: He has a funny accent; it's mostly British-esque with a hint of some Asian language.

Info: N/A

MayaMaya Moreno

Age: 16
D.O.B.: 5/6
Gender: Female
Race: Half-panther (jaguar)
Hair: Very dark brown, almost black.
Fur: Black (technically spotted, but generally appears pure black)
Eyes: Dark brown.
Occupation: Dreamer (S. America/Terrasuenia)
Random Fact: She's pretty lucky and is very good at getting into "right place, right time" situations.

Info: Riza and friends came home one day to find someone already there--Maya, a half-panther and the South American Dreamer. Accompanied by her baby Guardian, Chico, she'd journeyed from Terrasuenia to find another Dreamer in hopes of finding out their purpose on Sanvolae. Unfortunately, all she found was Riza.
Maya is clever, devious, and adventurous, and while she typically keeps a level head, she's probably not someone you want to piss off, either. She has a good grasp on transforming into her full panther form, and uses it to her advantage along with a natural sense of direction and some inherent good luck in tracking people down.


Age: 1
D.O.B.: 6/6
Gender: Male
Race: Poison Demon
Skin: Black.
Eyes: Bright glowing green.
Occupation: Guardian (Maya)
Random Fact: He's young, so his poison isn't quite as deadly as an older poison demon's would be, but it's still enough to put someone in the hospital for a few days.

Info: Chico is a baby poison demon assigned at birth to be Maya's Guardian. He's still not very helpful in that respect, so he's more of a pet than anything until he gets bigger. He and Maya communicate telepathically since he can't really speak a human tongue.


Human RizaRiza Wolfe

Age: 13
D.O.B.: 5/17/92
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Also brown :P
Occupation: Student (8th grade)
Random Fact: Riza dislikes young children. This probably has something to do with her little brother.

Info: Riza Wolfe is a fairly ordinary kid with a big imagination and a rather pessimistic attitude about her normal life. She's got friends, but is still relatively anti-social and unemotional, preferring to be left to her drawing or thinking. She's also very easily annoyed. Truthfully, she just has low confidence and isn't good at talking to people, though she covers it up pretty well.

SuzumeSuzume Griff

Age: 14
D.O.B.: 3/4/92
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Occupation: Student (8th grade)
Random Fact: Suzume's Japanese name, meaning "Sparrow", was chosen by her eccentric aunt, who seems to have a thing for foreign languages.

Info: A long time friend of Riza's, Suzume seems to get a kick out of bothering her in whatever way possible. She knows Riza's limit though, and knows better than to truly test her temper. In the long run, though, she means well, and simply doesn't like Riza's seeming lack of caring about anything. At least making her mad produces a reaction. She's also quite perceptive of things around her, and knows when people are hiding things.
Otherwise, Suzume quite enjoys music, and is a choir and band student, even playing a main character in the 8th grade musical.

LynnLynn Ameya

Age: 13
D.O.B.: 7/28/92
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Random Fact: Lynn's known for saying random things at random times, often surprising and confusing her friends, which she gets a laugh out of.

Info: Lynn's a bit of a walking oxymoron, with her often dark poetry completely contradicting her usually upbeat, happy personality. She enjoys being randomly insane, particularly when given sugar/caffiene, and her friends often wonder just how she manages to be so depressing in her writing.
Having been friends with Riza as long as Suzume, Lynn tries to keep the two from killing each other, and tends to get along with everyone else as well.

MelMelaina Kiraman

Age: 14
D.O.B.: 3/2/92
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Random Fact: According to Riza, Mel generally has bad taste in guys XP

Info: Melaina and Riza met a few years ago in the school library upon finding that they had a common liking for animals. They've been close firends ever since, maybe because of their similar personalities, as well as common issues with Aiden. Mel goes through a fair number of boyfriends, but never lets them become more important then her friends. Especially due to the fact that she's supposed to move after 8th grade and won't see much of them after that.

KariKari Tontarubia

Age: 14
D.O.B.: 9/2/91
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue-Green
Random Fact: Kari's the oldest of Riza's friends; she just doesn't act like it.

Info: Kari and Riza's mothers were friends in high school, so it was natural that they should become friends themselves. Since kindergarten, in fact. Kari's outgoing, happy personality is a complete foil to Riza's, which leads to a lot of funny interations between the two.
Kari's often nicknamed "Barbie" as a joke, referring to her blonde hair and preppy personality. Sometimes it seems to offend her, but other times she doesn't seem to mind.

AidenAiden Vokalo

Age: 14
D.O.B.: 1/5/92
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: Dark Brown (looks black in low light)
Eyes: Blue
Random Fact: The choir teacher loves Aiden for his singing voice, which landed him the lead role in the 8th grade musical. Whether he wanted the position or not is another story.

Info: Old friend of Tabby, and more recently of Riza and Mel, Aiden used to be the nicest guy they'd ever met. Actually he still is--to everyone but them. Cocky and confident, with the looks, talent and intelligence to back it up, Aiden's quite popular with the girls. Riza, Mel and Tabby are of the opinion that his girlfriends more trophies than anything.
Despite how he acts outwardly, Aiden does care about his friends, and does realize when they're not themselves. Behind the scenes, he's also fairly unsure of himself, and probably acts the way he does in hopes of gaining fans to get his music career going.


Age: 14
D.O.B.: 3/15/92
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Random Fact:

Info: Having known Aiden since an early age, and Riza almost as long, Tabby's pretty good at dealing with the both of them, and they with her and her rather unpredictable personality.



Riza Wolfe is an ordinary teen with an ordinary life--a little too ordinary for her liking. Her friends are sort of crazy, but she's so used to them that they don't do much to break the monotony.

When Riza gets home from school, her mother tosses her a gift from her aunt--a dream catcher. She hangs it in her room, just for the heck of it, and does some thinking about her made-up character, an anthropomorphic wolf named Luna, and what she might be like in real life. Eventually, she goes to sleep.

When Riza wakes up, she finds herself not in her room, but floating in a sort of other dimension. She is greeted by none other than her character, Luna. Luna offers her an opportunity to get away from her average life, and follow her back to her world. Riza is skeptical of the idea, looking for a catch. She is interrupted, however, when she starts to disappear--very literally. Luna tosses her a small, vaguely glowing blue jewel, tells her to think on it until the next night, and directs her back to the portal to Earth. Riza returns to her room, seemingly through the dream catcher, and almost immediately goes back to sleep, back to worrying about the math test she has in the morning. The next day, Riza thinks about it some more, and decides to take Luna up on her offer. She returns to the other dimension (which Luna informs her is called the Gate World) that night, and follows her new werewolf friend to another gate--the one to her world. Riza is able to unlock it with the jewel, and they step through it.

Sure enough, a moment later, Riza finds herself in a brand new place, which Luna introduces as Rokenthia. And that's not all that's changed--she quickly discovers that she's not exactly human here, having gained fuzzy ears, a tail, paws, and a couple other wolf-like features. Once Riza's done freaking out about the change, she follows Luna back to her house--a hut in the woods, basically.

Suddenly, they are confronted by what appear to be, according to Riza, "mutant porcupines". Luna corrects her, informing her that they are Spike Demons. Luna calls out their leader, who takes on a humanoid form to introduce himself to Riza as Raus Cyrus Delmax III. After the pleasantries, he attempts to take her, claiming she'll make a nice chew toy for his so-called minions (the smaller Spike Demons). Riza, however, quickly puts him in his place (Raus is a wimp :P), and chases him off.

Luna, after a quick congratulations, steps inside, then returns and asks to see Riza's jewel. Luna uses some wire and string to make a necklace out of it, to prevent it from getting lost. Finally, they set off to see the one that recruited Luna to bring Riza to her world in the first place.


Riza and Luna travel through the woods, Luna telling Riza about some of the things in Rokenthia, such as demons, elves, and half-creatures. She tells Riza that she appears, currently, to be a half-wolf. They eventually make it out of the forest and to a rocky area, where they are dropped in on (literally), by a strange old man named Ooji. He informs Riza that it was he who asked Luna to bring her there, and leads them back to his home for further explanation.

Ooji tells Riza that she is one of the new generation of Dreamers, and that her jewel is called a Dreamstone. However, he doesn't seem to know much more, and advises them to check the local libraries and other places for information. Riza realizes that she's been away for hours, and inquires about how to get home. Ooji tells her, and she leaves for the time being. When she returns to her room, she finds that only an hour or so has passed since she left--evidence of some kind of time warp between the worlds.

The next day, Riza's friend Suzume takes an interest in the Dreamstone, asking all kinds of questions about it. Riza makes something up, and Suzume doesn't believe her. Riza angrily stalks off to class, and Suzume decides that eventually she will find out what her friend is up to.


Riza and Luna, after some searching for information with no results, decide to take a day off and head to the market in a nearby town, Kraydir. They do some wandering around, and speak to a jewelry salesman who seems to talk an interest in Riza's Dreamstone. Quite suddenly, it begins to rain, and everyone quickly closes up shop. Riza and Luna run for cover in a nearby alley, only to find that they've made a poor choice--the alley is the lair of a colony of rat demons.

The rats chase them back out into the street, and quickly surround them. Riza and Luna try to fight them off, but they are outnumbered. As a rat jumps to attack Riza from behind, someone steps in between, nearly slicing the rat in two with a large knife. Riza, surprised, thanks the hooded figure, and continues to fight off the demons. Between the three of them, they quickly dispatch the remainder of the rats, and Riza sighs in relief before turning to thank their helper. However, he's already running off. Riza chases after him, determined to at least find out who he is. They run through the back alleys of the town, and the mysterious helper nearly makes it to a hiding place. However, he trips on a crack in the pavement, and falls headfirst into the ground.

He wakes later to find himself on Luna's couch, and bandage tied around his head. Riza introduces herself and Luna, and the boy introduces himself as Daemian. Riza tells him that he's welcome to go home whenever he likes, but Luna quickly realizes that he's a "street rat" and doesn't really have a home. She soon regrets pointing this out, for Riza invites the boy to stay with them (which Luna allows after a bit of puppy-eyed begging). He rather hesitantly accepts, figuring he has nothing to lose, and a split second later Riza's excitedly offering him a tour of the area.

Daemian can't help but wonder what he's gotten himself into.


After another dull real-world school day (and some rather disgusting lunch), Riza heads back to Rokenthia to see what her otherworldly friends have been up to. Upon finding out that Luna and Daemian have been as inactive as herself, Riza proposes that they take a walk to kill some time.

When walking gets old and the trio gets hungry, they decide to turn around and head back to Luna's hut. However, they are stopped in their tracks by the appearance of a Spirit Demon. After some shushing and words of warning from Daemian against getting the demon's attention, the three attempt to make a quiet retreat. But, the loud crack of Riza accidentally stepping on a stick causes the Spirit Demon to snap its focus to our heroes. Riza, Luna, and Dae take off running, the Spirit Demon close behind.

As they tear through the woods to escape the first demon, more begin to appear, and soon enough the group finds themselves surrounded by the glowing beasts. Left with little choice, they prepare to fight.

After destroying a number of the demons, the group notices that they don't seem to be diminishing much in numbers. Riza decides that the solution is to kill them faster, and rushes for a demon. However, she does not see the one coming up behind her until the last second. She shuts her eyes and waits for the worst, but instead finds herself being lifted through the air and away from the demon. Upon landing, Riza begins to thank Luna for saving her...only to find out that the werewolf demon standing over her is not, in fact, her guardian.

However, a split second later, Luna is between Riza and the new werewolf, snarling at him to get away. The other wolf insists that he was just passing by and is only there to help. Riza defends him, saying that she'd have been demon food if it weren't for him. Luna argues, telling Riza that she doesn't understand who he is. When Riza asks for further explanation, Luna backs off, and agrees to let the other werewolf assist them in disposing of the Spirit Demons. As Riza runs off to help Daemian, Luna and the new wolf, who she apparently knows and refers to as "Lunos", prepare to fight their own way.


Swinging her now trusty stick, Riza dispatches one of the several Spirit Demons surrounding Daemian, earning a thanks from him. When he inquires about the identity of the new werewolf, Riza replies that she has no idea who he is, but that Luna seems to know him.

After the last of the demons are gone, Luna tells Riza and Daemian that they're going home, and begins to walk away. Lunos seems distraught that she didn't even bother to introduce him, so Riza ignores Luna and greets him herself. Luna angrily tells Riza to leave him and get moving, to which Riza argues that they at least owe their helper a meal. Grudgingly, Luna agrees, and they head back to her hut.

Riza volunteers herself and Daemian (against his will) to make dinner, and drags him behind the house. As they cook, Riza admits that Luna's unusual behavior is worrying her. Daemian tells her that it's probably not that odd for her to not trust someone who shows up out of the blue and tries to play hero. Riza flatly tells him that he did the same thing, to which Dae replies that Luna doesn't really seem to trust him either.

Later that evening, Lunos tells stories of his adventures around the campfire, which Riza finds quite entertaining. However, when Lunos inquires about Riza's hunting ability as a half-wolf, Riza lets it slip that she's a Dreamer. Lunos is confused, but after some explanation, offers to teach her to hunt himself the next day, which Riza accepts.

Later that night, as Riza and Dae are asleep, Lunos watches Luna leave to go on a hunt. He then peers through the hut window at Daemian, figuring that he must be the kid that his "boss" is after. He decides that he should tell his master about Riza being a Dreamer too, and then gets ready to make his move.


Daemian slowly wakes up, trying to remember where he is. Suddenly realizing that he's flying through the air, tied up and being held by the back of his shirt, he looks up to find the one carrying him: Lunos. Remembering how he got in such a situation, Dae decides that escape would be a good idea. He struggles, earning a warning from Lunos about the probability of that causing them both to fall out of the trees, and the higher chance of Dae winding up with a broken neck than Lunos. Lunos keeps moving, worried that it won't take long for Luna to realize what's wrong and come after him.

Meanwhile, Luna returns home after her hunt, and realizes that Lunos is missing. Deciding that he must have taken her hint and left, she heads inside to check on the kids. Riza is still sleeping soundly, but all she finds of Daemian is the book he was reading. She wakes Riza, and they go to search for him...and Lunos.

Still on the run, Lunos stops on a tree branch momentarily. Dae takes the chance to squirm some more. Lunos rolls his eyes and explains that he's just making it more difficult for both of them. Dae responds by headbutting Lunos in the nose. As Lunos is in the process of threatening him, he's interrupted by Riza and Luna. Luna puts a blade to his throat, but Lunos points out that if she kills him, the boy falls too. Riza reminds him of her presence, but he laughs her off, shattering her confidence. Out of backup, Luna grudgingly lowers her blade, and Lunos starts to take off again. However, as he jumps through the air, something flies past him. Riza lands in the nearest tree, Daemian in tow, growling that she wouldn't let Lunos run off with her friend.

Now that he has no hostages, Luna chases Lunos down to settle the score while Riza unties Daemian. When she asks if he knows what he wanted, he replies that he has no idea, but he seemed to be working for someone. When Riza wonders who it could be, Daemian tells her that she has no idea how much he wishes he knew.

Meanwhile, Luna and Lunos are tiring of their battle, and both agree that the next move will end things. They rush towards each other, and wind up back to back. Lunos clutches a wound in his side, and admits that Luna won...this time. He then lets off a smoke bomb, and when the air clears, he is gone. Luna sighs and asks the kids if they're alright, and says they're going home. Riza stops them for a moment, apologizing for ever trusting Lunos in the first place. Luna says that Lunos once said told her that as werewolf demons, they were both hunters, and that he's always lived by that. She supposes some things will never change.

Riza and Dae exchange looks, and they head home.


While on the road to the city of Relecross to do some information hunting about Riza's Dreamstone, Daemian finds himself wondering just how he wound up in his current situation and in his current company. He admits that it's an improvement over being by on the streets of Kraydir...but that doesn't make being with Riza and Luna and less strange. He supposes things are alright least for the moment.

Along the way, they pass a sort of flea market, as well as some handlers and a salesman trying to restrain a wild horse. When Riza asks about the horse, the salesman tells her that he can't be tamed, and is headed to the slaughterhouse when they get a grip on him. Riza considers it for a moment, then asks how much the salesman wants for the horse, earning jaw-drops from Luna and Daemian. The salesman tells her she's crazy, but has his handlers bring the horse down anyway. Ten seconds later, Riza has made a friend out of the animal.

Despite everyone's baffled-ness, Daemian manages to argue that they can't take care of a horse. When he turns to Luna for backup, however, she says horses can be useful and that she could really care less if Riza wants to keep him, as long as /she's/ not bothered with it. Riza names the horse Arashi, and hands him to Daemian, deciding that it will be /his/ horse. She tells him to try riding him, and he tells her she's insane. While she doesn't disagree, she still insists that Arashi be ridden, and Dae eventually agrees to give it a try. After mounting the horse, Dae realizes that he has no reins. Riza simply tells him that they're not necessary, and tells Arashi to move. Before Dae can argue, he's flying down the hill atop his new horse.

It doesn't take Daemian long to realize that yelling at the horse will not make him stop, so he changes tactics: He asks him nicely. Shockingly, Arashi slows down. Confused, Dae tries asking him to do a few more things, all of which Arashi does with no trouble. Convinced that the horse can /understand/ him, Dae decides to quit while he's ahead and asks Arashi to take him back to Riza and the others. When Riza asks if he had fun, he tells her to just get him down from there. Arashi, however, hears the request and bucks violently, sending Daemian flying through the air and crashing into the ground.

Riza decides that it's the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Daemian wonders who she's talking about.


New horse in tow, Riza, Luna, and Daemian make it to Relecross, and start heading towards the library there. On the way, however, they run into a young mage--literally, in Daemian's case. The kid gets into an argument with Dae, but it's cut short when the clock tower rings and he remembers that he has somewhere to be. Daemian follows Riza and Luna away, grumbling.

When they arrive at Relecross Library, Riza comments rather loudly on the size of the place, earning her a shush from the librarian. After that, the trio sets off through the library, digging for anything they can find on the Dreamers, Dreamstones, or other old myths and legends. They don't have much luck, which Riza complains about. Daemian, however, says that he may have found something, and tells them that the book he's currently looking at says something about the Dreamers being the first half-creatures, brought from another world to aid that one in something known as the Dragon Wars. At Riza's inquiry, Luna explains that Rokenthia's dragons are mostly extinct, and that she may know someone else they could ask for information: The Mayor-King of Relecross. As they exit the library, Daemian hangs back a moment. When Riza asks him if there's a problem, he replies that everything's fine and follows them out.

When the gang arrives at Relecross Manor, the gate guard, Peroe, stops them and asks what they're there for. When they explain, he tells them to go away. However, a man comes around the corner and stops Peroe, asking what they are there for. Riza tells him that they want to see Mayor-King Relecross, and the man tells them that that should be fine, so they follow him inside the manor. They arrive in a large room with a desk in the middle. The man sits down at the desk, and asks what he can do for them. After a moment of confusion, it dawns on the group that the man /is/ Mayor-King Relecross.

After shaking off the surprise, Riza tells him that they're looking for some information on the Dreamers and Dreamstones, explaining that she is a Dreamer. She's interrupted, however, when Mayor-King Relecross's son barges in. As he begs his father to let put off homework to play, he notices the group of people standing in his father's office. Recognition dawns he and Dae--the fire mage that they ran into earlier was none other than young Xan Relecross.