9/1/14: Chapter Summaries Again!

Okay, I've got the majority of the chapter summaries that I assigned people, but there's still a couple I'm missing. I'll give the stragglers until the end of this week, but after that I'll assume I'm not getting that one and just write it myself. Also, if any of you that have turned them in and have not claimed their sketch requests yet still want to, please let me know! If I haven't responded to anyone's message about any of that, my inbox probably ate it or something so please resend! And thank you guys so much for your help with these! <3

August 2014: ZZ Digital!


Chapter 22: Page 18

18 Sep 2014 04:00 pm

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

This...might actually be good?

Question of the Update: What do you think, is Nirako going to be the one to end this nightmare?

Song of the Week: "Pull The Curtain" - Sum 41. Had this one sitting around for awhile until this scene came up.

And You Say...

Lileahe says,

Poor Dae. Maybe Nirako will end this, she seems to be his weakness... c;

the being says,

I like how you make Nirako look 'unfocused' like a blind person would, like she's looking at Daemian but her eyes aren't narrowed on him.

ZZ Digital says,

I like this page for some reason. Art, I guess.

And no, it's going to go on a little whiles longer

Soriel (Guest) says,

Dae looks like a fatty in the last panel, but I'm pretty sure it comes from the wierd angle of the imagination.

Hazumirein says,

@Soriel: No I actually noticed that last night wayyy after I had time to do anything about it; it's just a combination of him leaning forward and the shading being a little off there. The panel before it is a little odd looking too I think.

I mean he's not supposed to be stick thin either but yeah this one's kind of an artistic mishap.

TCRanch says,


in the long run? yes.

ZZ Digital says,

Hey, if Not-Dae going berzerk caused Nirako's sight-loss; would that be a case of...

Snow blindness?

Comments, anyone?