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Chapter 10: Page 21

October 9th, 2010, 1:17 pm

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

Hi guys! =D This is the other half of last week's update XD I thought I'd give it to you now, since I actually have a regular 2-page update done for you for this Monday.

Also, I thought an early/extra (even though it's really neither of those) was in order due to the fact that DC apparently got a comic spotlight! =O I have no idea how that happened, and in fact would not have even known had someone not pointed it out to me (My thanks to Mizumi for that one). I just know I stopped here yesterday and saw my fan count way up from what it was the day before and was like "WTF?! What happened?" In a good way of course XD. Welcome, new fans =D

Anyway, you may notice the scene change at the bottom of the page, and all the feet you can see there. They are not wearing their normal feet-and-leg-wear. Which means, in accordance with the feet's discussion, they went shopping! =D There are benefits to having a rich (if slightly snobby) fire mage on your side. This and next Monday's updates will reveal everybody's new costumes :D I've had the designs sitting around for awhile, I'm glad I finally get to use them (even if they're way more time-consuming to draw than the old costumes).

Anyway! Everyone, as usual, feel free to go to the forums and discuss this update and all other DC (and not DC) stuff. *pokes link at top of page*
Also, I've finally started using my Twitter account. Like, obsessively now. I'm not saying I have anything important to tweet about, but you're all welcome to follow me if you want XD (@Hazumirein). I'll probably follow you back, at least.

ANYWAY, I'll shut up now. Stay tuned for the normal 2-page update on Monday :D I have to do homework now. Byeeee.

And You Say...

Tessan12 says,

like that whit "you're such a brat" "but i'm a rich brat" "shut up"

Comments, anyone?