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-Post Thanksgiving Crash '10-

November 25th, 2010, 9:41 pm

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

(Bigger version: )

This is becoming a tradition (Check my DA for previous years', SJ's being weird about links tonight O_o). The main DC kids sleeping off all the turkey and stuffing from Thanksgiving :3 This holiday has become an excuse for me to a) stuff my face and b) draw my characters being cute XD. Enjoy the random holiday art. Goodnight, and I will see you guys Monday with...something, at least. 1 page is done, I have no idea when or if I'm going to have time to do the second one. Just a heads up.

And You Say...

Captain Ghost says,

At first, I was all, 'awwwwww~'

And then, I was like, 'aw, yay, time to ship ^^'

... and then I was like, 'wait, he has his hands on two people o_O GEEEEEEEEEEEZZZZ'

All in all, very cute >w<

IcyPheonix (Guest) says,

The one I don't recognize is the one on the couch? Are they someone we're going to meet later?

That aside, it looks absolutely adorable.

XxBloodxAlicexX says,

Ok, i don't care that he has his hands on two people. I've been holding back, but now i give up.

i totally ship Dae and Riza. XD.

Ally-Oop says,

I agree with BloodAlice, I'm allllll for Dae and Riza! lol

Silaya (Guest) says,

Yes more daexriza shippers!!!!!! Daexriza!

MysticJanus (Guest) says,

You guys are all sadists. XD

Comments, anyone?