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Filler: The Real Dae (?)

December 6th, 2010, 12:30 pm

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

I dunno if anyone remembers, but way back when I did a realistic drawing of Luna just to see what it would look like (it's in the Gallery section of the site, if you'd like to see). This was a similar experiment.

Realistic human(oid)s have long been something that eluded my drawing ability. They kind of still are, but I'm getting the gist of it nowadays. Anyway, I just wanted to see if I could draw one of my DC kids in a more-or-less realistic style and...well, actually have it look like them. Not just in hairstyle and obvious stuff, but facial structure and expression and the like. I thought Dae would translate pretty well into realism to begin with, so I gave it a shot with him. Not perfect, but it does look pretty much like I picture him in my head (when not in cartoon style). Anyway, enjoy. Out of curiousity, what do you think he's thinking/saying, based on his expression? XD It's not exceedingly obvious, but I think he's got a bit of typical-Dae skepticism or something there. But I wanna know what you guys think.

And You Say...

werekitty13 says,

"Ride that crazy horse? You kidding?"

Katerang says,

I think he is thinking...

Is Riza really trying to do that?

( I have no idea what Riza is trying to do all I know is he thinks she is insane!)

Tikka (Guest) says,


I think hes thinking " WHAT is she doing now?". I love this comic

Desttinghim says,

I think he's thinking "She's doing it again?"

ingridochoa says,


Nooo waaaaayyy, I just went through the whole thing!!! I LOVED IT!! I wanna know what's gonna happeeennn!!!!!!!! AAAAHHHH!!

limited2gal says,

he's like:
"when's the next page gonna be posted?"

Phendrana (Guest) says,


I have to say you art style is not my favorite(its good i just don't like the style its my problem not yours), if i wasn't so bored when i saw this i wouldn't have continued, but the story is so great, and i laugh a lot (out loud[people don't tend to laugh out loud when they're alone]) so in general i am very happy I've found this, i don't know how many times ill be rereading this one!

Good Luck and Have Fun!!

Comments, anyone?