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Filler: Real Raus

December 13th, 2010, 2:05 pm

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

ACK. I'M SO SORRY D: I kind of forgot that this was finals week, which meant "OHSHIT I HAVE TO FINISH EVERYTHING NOW", which meant no time for comic pages. I PROMISE I'LL MAKE IT UP TO YOU. After this week, I have a couple weeks off, and then a pretty light class schedule next quarter, so expect a couple 3-4 page updates in coming weeks so I can catch up. Meanwhile, have a sort of realistic Raus. I don't like this quite as much as the one of Dae; it looks like Raus, but at the same time it doesn't. I think it's just that it came out reminding me of a Final Fantasy style character, and I don't like that XD Regardless, enjoy, more filler in a moment.

And You Say...

KTearhart says,

I really like this. I think it's beautiful.

peaceofpie says,

This is like my favorite picture ever. Very beautifully rendered. His eyes are striking. <3 it!

sherbear55 says,

This is great I abosultely love your realistic drawings their awesome

Suzaku (Guest) says,

I hope we see more of him in a decent context! :D

I think he's cute.

SmackJeevesNinja (Guest) says,

Raus used to be my least favorite, in character design. I thought it was over done and had too many odds and ends. Now... I just think he's hot... or cute, cute works too. Definately beautiful. Love the Hair work. The mouth. The tattoo/scar whisker things. Gosh, Raus is so flipping epic.

Comments, anyone?