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Chapter 11: Page 10

December 27th, 2010, 11:00 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

COLOR! =D I probably didn't have time for this, but I did it anyway. The race begins!

EDIT: Okay, yeah, obviously I really DIDN'T have time for this, because it's all I've got done. Actually, this was done Friday, and I wound up spending the better part of Saturday and Sunday, in which I thought I'd have some time for comic work around holiday celebrations, setting up a new computer. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad I finally got something that works (super awesome new desktop that can even run *gasp* 3D games! =O That's a first for me.), it just wound up taking longer to get everything installed and working right than I expected. Had some trouble with my printer/scanner software and my tablet, which I think was because the computer was actually /too/ new for them XD. Unfortunately I needed both of those to actually do comic stuff :P So I got a bit more delayed than I would have liked.

Anyway, ya know what, I have the next two weeks off of school (I go back on the 10th), so I'm just gonna say to expect random updates as I get pages done in that time. I added up that in order to get caught up to where I should be after those missed updates, I need to be on page 19 by the time I go back to school. So one way or another, I will be that far by January 10th :P Just don't be surprised if you see like, 5 pages in the last few days while I make up for procrastination XD. Meanwhile, if I don't deliver, you have full permission to beat me over the head with ears of corn. :D

In the meantime, enjoy the color =P

And You Say...

Tessan12 says,


*the sneaky one in the tree*
when Daemian is not watching I will kidnap him fufufu ~ (thinking for myself)
*aiming from the branch right over hime*
HUG ATTACK!!!!! (jumps at Daemian and hugs him)

Christo556 says,

(thinks to him self) why am i standing here again *is standing right in front of them*

YuseiDarkUmbreon says,


*gets blown into... darnit i forget the fire kid's name... by a strong gust of wind*

Shiny pokemons!! says,

I know the horse will pull through, cause it's awesome like that. But I love dragons too!

Fiona-Maria says,

The colours look absolutely amazing. ;W; <3

I love the action here - it looks fantastic! I often find pages lose that when coloured, but it's not the case here. :D

Bartimaeus (Guest) says,

Ooh. Nice page!

Comments, anyone?