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Chapter 11: Page 14

January 4th, 2011, 7:51 pm

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

Alternate dialogue for Dae in the last panel: "Get back here, you lazy bitch! D:< "

Somehow my conscious decided that I shouldn't actually put that in. There was some other entertaining alternate lines I came up with while drawing this page, but I won't share those with you XD Also, scary Luna is scary.

And we're just going to assume that Riza pulled that tent bag out of her backpack :P

Um, that's pretty much it from me, so...

Question of the Update: What do you think Luna will bring back for dinner?

I was glad to see so many of you answer yesterday's, by the way :D Sorry I couldn't give more time for that. Again, if you missed my explanation about the questions, check the author's comments on page 12. There are prizes involved :3

And I will hopefully see you all tomorrow. Good night.

And You Say...

Crazygirl132 says,

...hmmmz well since Luna hasn't been able to hunt for a while, im guessing she's not gonna go for something easy so probably something fierce like a cougar or a bear that would put up a fight

xxamaterasu says,

Id say something either simple, lie a deer, or absolutely ridiculous, like... a SQUIRREL!
cause squirrels will eat your soul and all that o.o

YuseiDarkUmbreon says,

Why ...what's his name again??

Because Riza was faster!

Desttinghim says,

A rabbit!

IcyPheonix (Guest) says,

A deer, probably a large one that would be hard to catch, like a buck.

EDIT: o.0 iEatsYourSoul is right, Dae's hands are backwards in the last two panels.

sherbear55 says,

Something awesome :DD

CactusJuicy says,

I'd say a deer. Or who knows, I hear sandwiches are quite a challenge to hunt.

Streaked_Rain says,


XD Poor Dae for getting stuck with the tent job. The most hated job of camping. lol

Christo556 says,

panel 2: Scary Luna O_O;

Captain Ghost says,

Heh, those alternate lines for Dae in the end there were pretty much exactly what I was thinking he was actually saying lol.

As for Luna's hunting... hrm....
Something unexpected. I don't really know =/ Maybe a certain person we've been seeing a few pages ago?
... don't know how tasty she'd be though >>

iEatsYourSoul says,

Is it just me, or are Dae's hands backwards in the bottom left panel? @__@
EDIT: They also seem to be backwards in the last panel as well.

And lol@Dae's reaction in the last panel. His face is priceless. xD

Shiny pokemons!! says,

Luna's gonna bring back something big. I can tell, maybe deer, or another person to join the already full bunch! X3 Well, who knows. But I know that she'll bring some big game back. Or maybe a rabbit as a funny joke to us. ;)

Amanda (Guest) says,

Raus. Just because we haven't seen him in a while. :P As far as food goes though, she's definitely bringing back something big.

Hazumirein (on my iPod) (Guest) says,

@iEatsYourSoul: Ohhhh my God. They are backwards. Fshdhskdibsj how did I not notice that? ><; I'll fix that later. As soon as I have a working computer again.

Yeah, by the way guys, the reason they weren't pages yesterday and today is because my brand new computer...refuses to start -_- And my brother who built the thing suddenly can't seem to find time to fix it. Yeah. FML.

On the bright side, I have through page 23 sketched now |P

MysteriousKnight244 says,

Luna's "i need to kill something" face, and the way Riza just runs off XD haha
...idk i find that amusing.

Silaya Arctic Prower says,

i just realized....


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