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Chapter 11: Page 15

January 7th, 2011, 10:19 pm

I Say...

Hazumirein says,


Okay, this page should have been done and up on freaking Wednesday, but my brand new freaking computer decided that it didn't want to start >< And of course my brother who built the thing spent 3 days trying to fix it...and he did manage to fix the initial not starting issue...but then a whole new set of problems turned up and we ended up just reinstalling the OS. I grabbed everything off of the hard drive first, so it's not like I lost anything, but still. I've only had the computer 2 weeks and it's already having major malfunctions. That's great -_-;

ANYWAY, I hurried up and finished this page so HERE, TAKE IT. Please. Enjoy Riza getting herself in trouble AGAIN.

Oh, and, Question of the Update: If Riza weren't a wolf, what kind of half-creature do you think she'd want to be?

And You Say...

mastokid says,

awsome comic

question of update: a tiger?

Captain Ghost says,

Woop, I guess Riza found her and not Luna :O there goes my other guess.
But as for your question, I have, ah...

no clue ... >>

Maybe a fox? Kinda similar in build I would imagine, maybe... >> still have the ears/tail hehe.

never3kno says,


She's being attacked by a ninja!X3

Streaked_Rain says,


Well, that doesn't look to good. ^^;

CactusJuicy says,

I think a bird.

Salimus says,

When ninja's fall from the sky, that's when you know you need to run. ._.

Also, I'm just saying this, but it looks like you went a little Naruto on that ninja's looks. (I'm not flaming or anything, just saying. ._.; )

Answer to question: Weasel~ Seems like it'd work with her nature. :3

LordSeth (Guest) says,

Congrats Riza, your club has now been upgraded to...*ba da da daaa* a SPIKED club!

Hazumirein says,

@Salimus: I know, darn it >< I was in a big Naruto phase when I designed that character like, years ago. And I just couldn't be bothered to change the design too much. Besides, anymore it's hard to make a ninja character that isn't in the standard all black outfit and not have it remind people of Naruto :P

@Seth: I actually laughed out loud at that XD

Tessan12 says,

I whould say a cat or a fish. I think I whant to be a fish, then I can swim around and breath under water... hmmm.. no I dont wanna be a fish.. think if someone had pee in the water O_O

MysteriousKnight244 says,

well... Riza, You got your wish!

wolfehperson (Guest) says,

yahyah. she kkinda looks like Anko :o

Flaming Gingerpunch says,

AAAH!!! It's Temari...I think Gaara let her fan shrink in the wash...

Comments, anyone?