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Chapter 11: Page 18

January 13th, 2011, 6:30 pm

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

I know I said there wouldn't be an update till Monday, but I feel like if I don't put this up now I'll feel like I already have one page for that update and not have the motivation for the two that I'm actually /supposed/ to have then. Yeah. I'm pretty much trying to trick myself into giving you guys an extra page XD

It's okay though, because this one stands better alone than it would with the next page, I think. I don't necessarily like this page because I didn't realize how freaking repetitive it was until after I started Photoshopping it, at which point I wasn't about to change it :P

So, Question of the Update: What up with Dae's reaction to ninja-girl? Does he just have a ninja-phobia, or is it something else?

As a reminder, post your QotU answers in a comment, and at the end of the month, I write down everyone that answered and pick a name at random to win a free skwtch request :3 Remember that your name gets written down for EVERY question you answer, so answering more increases your chances of winning.

And I will see you guys Monday :D

And You Say...

Salimus says,

Dae seems like he might know her. Heck, could be an old friend by the looks of the ears... Or she might be a reason to one of his scars...

Or he could just be dreadfully alarmed at the sight of the assassin and is stopping to think for a moment, but that's the last thing that comes to mind.

Amanda (Guest) says,

Hmmm...I was thinking an old friend, but then "sister" popped into my head...

snowdrops says,


I think he has something with ninjas. Maybe his past lover was one. MAYBE IT'S HER

CactusJuicy says,

Dae definitely knows this girl I think. Or maybe he just thinks she's pretty :D Lol idk.

IcyPheonix (Guest) says,

I'm going with someone he knows/knew (perhaps even someone he thought was dead).

Desttinghim says,

I think it's someone he knew.

Rosemary (Guest) says,

I think she may be a long lost sister or friend. Then again we don't know how much Dae knows about his own past.

liz1194 (Guest) says,


didn't it get mentioned a few comics back that she is the old babysitter of the fire mage? idk maybe she was his evil babysitter too...

Suzaku (Guest) says,

YOU DRIVING ME NUTS!!! Don't worry, it's the good kind.

Comments, anyone?