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Chapter 11: Page 20

January 17th, 2011, 6:45 pm

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

Okay, this deserves some explanation right off the bat.

First off, Nirako there isn't /completely/ blind; she can make out some lights and darks and really blurry shapes. But for all intensive purposes, I refer to her as blind. Being that she's a) of elven blood and b) very well trained, her other senses are pretty heightened, and she can tell rather well where people/things are. She also, despite not being able to see, has an absentminded tendency to look at whoever she's talking to.

On another note entirely, Notrima was Dae's hometown.

That should answer most initial technical questions.

But! That doesn't answer any of just what the heck's going on here. I'll let you guys figure that out for yourselves. Normally I'd work asking you for your thoughts into a QotU, but I have other things I need that for today. You're still welcome to give your thoughts on the current situation of course though; I love hearing them =P

But, I actually have 2 QotU's for you today, not because there's two pages, but because I actually need answers on this stuff and I get more of those when I offer rewards XD So...

Question of the Update 1: This is an odd one, but have you guys ever had any problems with the site? Slow loading/running, things not fitting right, etc? I ask because I got a complaint about it the other day and that's really the first time I've heard anyone have problems with it. So if you've ever had any issues, let me know.

Question of the Update 2: Who's your favorite DC character?! That sounds really simple, but I'm actually going to use this information for something XD So just pick someone and let me know who it is.

Alright, that's enough from me; see you next week! I hope XD

And You Say...

IcyPheonix (Guest) says,

Not having any problems with the site here.

Favourite character? Dae(as long as you aren't planning on finding out our favourite character to kill them off)

Captain Ghost says,

No problems here.

Fave char would likely be... Dae.
He really appeals to me for some reason 83

miniminilena says,

I had a few problems, but I just refreshed the page and it loaded perfectly.

My favorite character is probably Dae. But I liked his first outfit when they were in the city the best. :]

Desttinghim says,

Favorite? Dae.

Amanda (Guest) says,

She may be blind, but it makes her eyes look pretty cool. x)

Anyway, to answer the first question, sometimes when I'm on my iTouch, some of the navigation images don't load, but I think that's more because of my school's spotty wifi because it never happens anywhere else.

And I had to go digging through the archives just to find his name, but I like Lunos because of his connection to Luna. ^^; And while I was back in archive-land, I noticed that your drawing style has changed so much since then. :) Nice job!

Tessan12 says,

1) I have never had problem whit it
2) DAE!!!!!! he is my fav.. think I sad for about 2 years ago I whould draw a fan-art.. never had T_T.. and I'm the one whit the random comments xD

LordSeth (Guest) says,

The only time I really have problems is when Im on a school compy, they're pretty slow.

As for the second I feel obligated NOT to say

Arch451 says,

I just found this comic and i just want to say that i really enjoyed reading through the archive. It's hilarious, has a great cast, and is well drawn. Definitely worth the read.

Question #1 answer: I sometimes have problems with loading and pages not fitting right, but I'm reading this on my iPhone and my connection sucks where I am, so I'm pretty sure that's why I'm having those problems.

Second Question Answer: Daemian, I think. Daemian's a bookworm and really sarcastic, both of which I can relate to.

Rosemary (Guest) says,

My favorite character is a three way tie between Dae, Luna, and Raus.

Kitalpha says,


No problems here
The main character, who's name i currently can't remember x.x

Marie (Guest) says,

Dear Liz,
You are a fucking tease. I demand more pages, because you love me.
Love, Marie

P.S. - I know the more pages thing isn't gonna happen till next week. I'm gonna continue harassing you on AIM now.

Suzaku (Guest) says,

You rock.

They addressed each other with the familiarity of a sibling. Hmmm. Perhaps they were just surprised to come into contact. I dunno...

Juli (Guest) says,

Luna. Fer sure. What's not to love about a big, bad-ass anthropomorphic wolf?

bluejaguar (Guest) says,

If I had to pick the best character I enjoy reading about in the story, then I would pick Luna. From the first meeting between Riza and Luna, Luna has progressed in being more sociable and open as a person to others.

KittyCaterpillar says,

Q1: Nope
Q2: Riza!

Comments, anyone?