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Chapter 11: Page 23

January 24th, 2011, 11:02 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

YES. FINALLY. I am caught up on where I'm supposed to be on pages :D Thank God. Now I can go back to two pages a week. I know you guys like the extras, but that's a lot more work for me that I don't really have time for |P

Anyway. This isn't a QotU, but tell me where I stole Riza's lines from on this page and you get a virtual cookie XD

But here's the real Question of the Update: I went on a short animated-movie watching spree today, so I was thinking, if you guys had to pick voice actors/actresses for the DC characters, who would you pick? You don't have to do the entire cast, just one character's enough (though if you have ideas for more, by all means, share) =P This isn't going anywhere, I'm just curious.

Annnnddd I will see you guys next week.

And You Say...

xxamaterasu says,

I think Rize would definetly be Luci Christian:D
(Medusa from Soul Eater, Asuna from Negima, Lenalee from D.Gray-man)
or maybe Cherami Leigh:p (Road from D.Gray-man, Patty from Soul Eater, or Elicia from Fullmetal Alchemist:Brotherhood)

I have no clue on all the others though:)

Christo556 says,

seems like that

pokesam says,

I think Luna might be Laura Bailey (Lust in Fullmetal Alchemist, Tokine in Kekkaishi) or Collen Clickenbeard (Rose Thomas, Riza Hawkeye for FMA)

Dae might be Vic Mignona (Everyone knows who THAT is. :P)

Lunos would defintely be Travis Willigham (Roy Mustang)

Riza would probably be Mae Whitman (Katara from Avatar the Last Airbender)

Erroneous (Guest) says,

Really guys?

Her lines are taken from the Lion King after Timon almost is eaten by Nala. Cookie me.

As for voice actors I really don't know. Auditioning people from the internet would probably be more fitting, but since thats not the point of the question I'll butt out. Maybe the guy who plays Lelouche from Code Geass could do Daemian, but other than that I have no clue.

Arch451 says,

People can be so insensitive sometimes. Although, I suppose that since she was nearly killed just a few seconds ago, she kind of does have a good point...

Juli (Guest) says,

I FUCKING LOVE YOU FOR THIS. Lion King all the way!

MiatskiKuromia says,

LION KING ALL THE WAY! 8D <3 Timon~ Lolz I love the way her tail frazzles out.

Salimus says,

I'd be upset too if that happened. XD

I would answer the question if I could remember the names of any actors. X/

Amanda (Guest) says,

I feel so out of it. I've never heard of any of the voice actors mentioned in all the previous comments. o_o I'm really more of a Disney person. (and yet I still didn't get the Lion King reference...ah well I haven't fully watched it since I was four...

Aaaaaand Manda has no ideas for who would play who. .-. Sadness...

LordSeth (Guest) says,

Can you feel the love?

I was halfway through reading it and then I was like: "wait a minute, I've heard this before." So then I started over again and almost immediately Timon's voice pops into my head.
Also I love Riza's expressions here, especially #2.

TophatMistress says,

For some strange reason, this pages kind of reminds me of the lion king when Nala tries to eat Timon and Pumba

Sunnykitty says,

i agree with pokesam about Riza. she does sound like Katara (from Avatar) when I read her lines. :D

Darkhog says,

Nice comic.

I read whole 300+ pages in just 3 days. Anyway faved, of course. It's great story and I would read more. Mo-ore. MOOOOOORE! BUAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! um... Anyway if someone cares, please visit my comic at and comment of it (and maybe fave it).

snowdrops says,


The Lion king, right? I think so XD
Gawd, I love this comic <3

IcyPheonix (Guest) says,

Don't know about the voice actors thing but, that line is definitely from Lion King. \(o0o)/ <(WHOO!)

Darkhog says,

pm dispatched

Hazumirein, I sent you PM. It is very important to me, so please answer as soon as you can.

sgchipman says,


Stevie-O (Guest) says,

The Lion King!

Hah! As soon as I read the comic I thought "Wait, that's from The Lion King!"

Although, I believe the second-to-last line was originally 'She wants to eat me', not 'She just tried to kill me'.

Katerang says,

You are so awesome!!!

Hazumirein says,

Remind me to make Disney references more often. XD What a reaction. Yes, it was the Lion King, by the way. Specifically, Timon talking about Nala trying to eat him. Those weren't the original lines that went here, but we were watching TLK in class last spring and I heard that part and thought, "OMG. This would fit so perfectly in that DC scene. I'm so stealing it." Anyway, cookies for everyone who got it right! =D

@Stevie-O: I'm pretty sure it was "She wants to eat me!", but that wouldn't have fit very well in the comic XD I couldn't copy it verbatim.

Also, pretty good choices of voice actors, those of you that answered the QotU. :3 It's obviously never something I'm actually going to need to know, but it's fun to think about XD

@Erro: I agree that if I were ever going to somehow miraculously animate DC, I'd probably audition people online. Actually, while I can't animate the comic itself, I do have a little DC promo project that's been nagging at me that would probably require some voices ;3. I just need to find the spare time to do it.

@Amanda: No worries, I was seriously watching old Disney movies while working on this page, listening to the voices and seeing if any of them might fit XD. I know the anime voices other people have mentioned, but I grew up on Disney too. I'm an all-around animation nerd XD

@Seth: I just noticed the title of your comment now, and it made me laugh XD. Very nice.

EstherQuesada says,


Just like Timon from the Lion King... XDDDDD
I'm enjoying this story a lot! You can't imagine how much! Original, funny and full of surprises! My congrats! :D

Flaming Gingerpunch says,

"...Everyone's Okay with that!?"
...Yes...Yes we are...

Grinler Stevens (Guest) says,

The Lion King

You got that line from the part in the lion king where nala tries to eat pumba and timon

Silaya Arctic Prower says,

omfg im so glad i started rereading this XD "AND EVERYONES OKAY WITH THIS?!" XDDD

Comments, anyone?