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Chapter 11: Page 24

January 31st, 2011, 11:00 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

Okay. Well. I need like, an hour to finish the other page that was supposed to be up today that I just haven't had this week. And since I have classes all day today, I'm just gonna give you this one now and finish the other one when I get home or something and have it up hopefully tomorrow. Apologies for the delay; school, work, and general apathy kinda kicked my butt this week. That, and I've been forced to work on my laptop while my desktop harddrive's being replaced. It's been having problems since we got it and we finally decided it must be faulty hardware. If replacing it doesn't work I'm gonna be uber pissed. Anyway, again, meanwhile I'm stuck attempting to do pages on my laptop. Which is slow to begin with and freezes somehow several times a day for (occasionally like, 5 times in an hour) for no apparent reason. It's not very good for running Photoshop. And I'm using my old tablet again for fear of ruining the good one's cord again using it on this thing. Overall, it's probably making comic pages take a few hours longer than they should. Yeah. Hopefully that gets fixed soon.

Anyway, since I'm here, I'll give you guys the last QotU for the month. Next Sunday night, I'll count up all the people who answered any questions this month and draw a name. Winner gets a free sketch request :] So here it is.
Question of the Update: Riza's obviously none too pleased about this whole situation. What /exactly/ do you think is going through her head? I want quotes! Also (this part's optional) what do you think that Dae and Nirako are thinking at the moment?

Have fun, I'll see you guys tomorrow, I hope.

And You Say...

zetina says,

Whoa... Riza in the second panel caught me off guard. Was it intentional for her not to look all too Riza-esque? :'D

LordSeth (Guest) says,

AotU: Riza is thinking... "She's stealing my Dae! KILL KILL KILL!!!
Dae: How am I supposed to explain this?
Nirako: I wonder how Dae's gonna explain this.
Xan: this looks decently burnable.
Luna: Riza's probably gotten in trouble by now, AGAIN! I swear, if I come back and she's got another 'friend' I will kill her.

Xweetke says,

I love Riza's expression on the second panel <3
It's so... not amused XD
I can't really think of any thing to explain myself, but I just love her when she's showing off her angry face -w-

Things that go boom says,

"Why the hell is no one TELLING me anything?!?! They better have a good reason for this..."
Thats what would be running through my head at least."

IcyPheonix (Guest) says,

Aww, Dae looks so cute all blushy like that. ^o^

Riza: This person just tried to kill me, and he's all 'buddy buddy' with her?!

Erroneous (Guest) says,

Riza quote.

Riza: "If he was complaining about me making his life miserable before, then he has another thing coming."

It works on so many levels. :V

Also "Seth" we all know that Riza belongs with Raus. As does every other woman. EVER.

Comments, anyone?