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V-Day Special: With You

February 14th, 2011, 11:02 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

(Title and to some degree the pic itself inspired by this song.)

These has to be some amount of irony in this, considering what happened in the actual update.

But, somehow unsurprisingly, these two losers got the most votes for who should be in the Valentine's pic :P (not that this really has a whole lot to do with Valentine's Day. If it were actually V-day where they are, they would be buried in snow like the rest of us). What was surprising, however, was how many votes that Dae and Nirako got. I honestly wasn't expecting that. But for you people that wanted to see that, keep an eye out next week :3 I actually have an idea for that one that I sort of actually want to draw.

As for this...honestly, I didn't enjoy doing it half as much as I thought I would. Probably because I was having artistic trouble the whole way through, but for some reason I just couldn't make myself care. Which is odd, because normally even I think these two are adorable together (no, that does not make it canon)and would rather like a reason to draw them being cute *shrug* It might have something to do with the fact that I just spent three days drawing them arguing in the comic XD I guess that sort of messed with my mindset. Is it weird that what happens in the story affects how I feel about my own characters? Yeah, that's definitely weird. Oh well.

ANYWAY, it's late as I'm posting this and I should really go get some sleep, so good night. I hope you all enjoyed the chapter; look out for filler art next week and the start of chapter 12 on the 28th. (Which is the end of the month, actually. Wow. February's way too short. Oh God, I'm ranting, I need sleep. Later guys. XP)

And You Say...

pokesam says,

aww so cuuute. :3 This couple was mah second choice.

Christo556 says,

he fell asleep under the tree like that and she wanted to acompany him.
it's just a thought ^^;

Fiona-Maria says,

That is so adorable. ;W; I love how warm the lighting is~ It looks lovely!

Captain Ghost says,

Heeee, this is soooooooooo adorable...

although yeah, after reading the last few pages just kinda went 'what was I thinking when I voted for this? XD'

But... very nice :D

therandomcatdemon says,

Burried in snow like the rest of us?
It hasn't snowed a bit here, I love living in the subtropics :D

Tessan12 says,

AWWWW! this was so cute QwQ
I was a little depressed, but now I feel all warm =w=
and once again I'm in the tree and watching them and plans what to do =w=

fu fu fu I draw alot of harie, muskel men whit beards whit bikini and skirts on v-day xD

Aramondii says,

I knew it! I knew it! *dances all around* I knew they would be together! I just knew it!

luvsmepokemon says,

i don't think it's wired, i'd think the same thing... but i'm crazy, so don't rely on me for to much comfert.

Silaya (Guest) says,

YES!!!DAEZA!!!! Sorry if that's not a good ship name, but hey. working on it.

satiricScythe says,

*ship ship ship ship ship*

I've started rereading this comic after forgetting smackjeeves existed for 3+ years and I love it so much ahhhhh you're so good at art asdfghjkl

Comments, anyone?