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-500+ Fans: Frostbite-

February 21st, 2011, 11:01 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

Remember a few weeks ago I asked in a QotU who your favorite character was? This is what that was for. I felt like I definitely needed a thank you pic to you now 500-some amazing fans, and I thought I'd secretly let you pick who was in it :3 Unsurprisingly, Dae won. (He's almost too well-liked for my comfort.) This has actually been sitting on my computer for awhile now, glad to finally find a minute to put it up :3

Originally I wanted him doing something silly/embarrassing for this, but I honestly couldn't think of anything O_o So I went for fanservice instead XD Or something like that. To my fans that aren't into guys, I apologize; I promise I'll draw one of the girls next time, haha. Originally this was supposed to be...not as nice looking, I guess XD. I mean I didn't intend to put as much time into it as I did. But, in the end I liked it enough that there'll be a slightly different version going up on DA later tonight.

Anyway, sort of obviously, Dae's...not exactly himself here. (Seriously, that kid bitches about wearing a t-shirt, he wouldn't be caught dead in anything less XD.) I'll let you all ponder about what exactly this means :3

BUT. Before I forget, the whole purpose of this pic is to say THANK YOU TO ALL YOU GUYS!! =D Seriously, 500 fans is a pretty good amount, and that's just the official count that SJ has. I know there's enough of you that don't actually have SJ accounts that read DC too. And then there's the kids on DA and DrunkDuck (that I sort of abandoned; I need to start posting pages in those places again XP). All in all it's freaking awesome that this comic even has fans, much less any decent amount :3 Thank you guys so much for the support! I honestly appreciate it. It makes this way more fun than it would be if I were just like...making the comic for my friends or something. I love you guys! *hugs* And I hope you continue to enjoy DC, because I'm definitely going to continue making it :D

That said, I think it's time for a Question of the Update (even though there's no pages): Uh...okay, I can't think of a good one, so I'm just gonna ask, what are your theories on this pic? Like, obviously there's something a little off about Dae here; what do you think is going on?
(I was trying to avoid asking a question about Dae, but this is probably the last time you'll see him for awhile so I figure it's okay :P He's not really in the next chapter. Aiden kinda takes his place XD More on that later.)

Anyway! I will see you all next week with the cover and first page of Chapter 12! Lookin' forward to it =D Later guys!

(Oh, and the people I owe a sketch and a review to--you know who you are--I absolutely have not forgotten about you; just haven't quite had time yet. I'll get to those things soon, I promise!)

And You Say...

Complete Stranger says,

He is older. Or at least, more buff.
Or more feminine looking?

Tessan12 says,

He is candy/sweets to my eyes @w@
he whould be good looking even in bikini bra and skirt, that is so manly x'D

oh fuuu.. now I need to draw it.. seriusly, it is too good too miss the chanse x'D he will kill me, hate me och kill me some more for that..

he will kill me xD

LordSeth (Guest) says,

As a male reader:


honestly I did notice seemingly long fingernails, and I do recall that filler with evil Riza/Dae...maybe that'll come up soon :P

MysteriousKnight244 says,

my friend (who's reading over my shoulder)
is spazzing out screaming
"HE'S SO HOT!!!"

XD nice work. better get off before she deletes this comment.

Erro (Guest) says,

Tessan, your deviation title mispelled Dae. You spelled it as Dea.

I like this filler, its beautifully drawn. To be honest, it makes me sad to call it filler. C:

Tessan12 says,

re: Erro

oh crap *do ing it right*... puuuuh.. thanks for saying xD
I will just go and dig my own grave for the misstake and for the crap I did x)

TheDeepDark (Guest) says,

I cannot argue with your putting it there. But yeah... I'll wait

capri1722 says,

It seems to be...his evil twin...or...something...

Hey, it's the first thing that came to mind! :P

.... (Guest) says,

doesnt look like he is wearing underwearO.o

Silaya (Guest) says,

HOT HOT HOT!!!!! He's cuuuuute!!!!

Comments, anyone?