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Chapter 12: Cover

February 28th, 2011, 11:00 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

Chapter cover! This one's...a little different than I usually go for with covers.

For once, we have an Earth scene, as well as a slightly younger Riza and Aiden (he doesn't quite have the fro yet). Before you ask, I have absolutely no idea what Aiden's talking about here, but it's undoubtedly something utterly ridiculous that's both confusing and entertaining Riza. Also, all the other Earth kids are there too! Lynn, Suzume, Tabby, Kari, and Mel are all shoved in the background. XD There's also a crapton of copyright infringement on this, since I opted to give Lynn, Aiden and Mel articles of clothing that they actually owned at one time (or at least things they liked.) Real-life Aiden honestly used to have that shirt and the AC/DC wristband XD And once upon a time Lynn was a huge Green Day fan, and I'm pretty sure Mel's still into HIM. *shrug* Anyway, those little bits were just for fun and my personal amusement; they don't actually mean anything to the story.

HOWEVER, the cover does, in fact, have everything to do with what's going to happen in this chapter. I'll let you guys decide what that could be :3 I will tell you that it takes place mostly on Earth, but I think that's pretty obvious from the cover XD Anyway, enjoy.

And You Say...

LordSeth (Guest) says,

Must. read. shirt....

Captain Ghost says,

... I want his shirt, heh.~

Hazumirein says,


Enjoy :]

capri1722 says,

Cute. x3 Love it.

Bizkit (Guest) says,

I used to own that shirt, lol!

Comments, anyone?