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Chapter 12: Page 1

February 28th, 2011, 11:01 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

Well, we pretty much pick up where we left off with Riza still...really really angry. And ranting to herself. That cannot be healthy.

I don't really have a whole lot to say about this page; it's pretty simple. So I'll just leave you with a Question of the Update: Something seems to have suddenly occurred to Riza in that last panel. What do you think it is?

Being that it's the end of the month, I'll be adding up the QotU answers and picking a winner for a free sketch again next week :3
Dear God is February short. Yeesh. Anyway, till next week!

And You Say...

pokesam says,

Ummm... Did she just see... LUNOS?!
Either that, or she just realized he reminds her of Afro dude, whatever his name is.

Sunnykitty says,

i think she's thinking...
"...doesn't give him the right to act like-- he's in love" :D

Tessan12 says,

I thjink It has to be he riminds her of Aiden (think that was his name >_<)

And I so freaking love the sketch of michell and Dae x'D *have it on the computor*

snowdrops says,

It's that time of the month

Captain Ghost says,

I'm gonna go with, I'm thinking it reminds her of Aiden...
But... not 100% sure :s

werekitty13 says,

I think she just realized she's lost. Utterly lost. Because that would happen to me.

MysteriousKnight244 says,

she realized she wandered off too far.
Or she's been in something like this before... THERES A PARALLEL....

O_o are you stalking me... that's what I would do....

Salimus says,

Riza, Riza, Riza. It might be that time of the month for you but you don't need to bite a random ninja girl's head off in your mind.

No, just pay attention to the mother moose who's in front of you and will probably try to kill you. :D

capri1722 says,

There's someone there. Raus. Lunos. Luna. Dae. Someone who she'd rather not have listening to her rant. :P

benebob says,

Riza probably thought of what Luna might do to her if she found out she just left... maybe. Or, she heard someone following her...

NekoKira says,

I agree with Krostog. I think she must have just realized that she has been in that world for too long.

luvsmepokemon says,

random music in the background time? joking...
i have a feeling that she did something stupid... as usual...
maybe something about food?

benebob says,

Chapter 12 cover

In chapter 12's cover, is Aiden wearing the same necklace as Dae???

Anonononomous (Guest) says,

Dae reminded her of Aiden, Aiden reminded her that she's been in that world for 3 (?) or so days and is probably being...missed back on earth. Now I'm not sure if shes been on Rokenthia for 3 or 4 or even 5 days, nor how much that would translate into earth time... but I'm pretty sure shes been in Rokenthia a tad bit too long.

Comments, anyone?