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Chapter 12: Page 9

March 29th, 2011, 4:04 pm

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

HA. Here's that third page I said I would have up. SEE I TOLD YOU.
Though that said, hopefully you can understand why this one took awhile D: Classroom scenes take FOREVER to draw. Especially when there's computers involved. It didn't even come out that good. BUT IT'S DONE SO HA.

Anyway, I totally forgot to denote it on the page itself, but this is a flashback scene to Riza in 6th grade. She hasn't changed much :P Also, I have no idea what specifically she's looking for in that notebook that she can't find, but apparently it's not that important if she's giving up.

But yeah, that aside, Question of the Update: Um...okay, see that thing in Riza's notebook? The drawing? Tell me what it is. Or rather, tell me what real-life video game creature I based it on. The actual name is similar to the one given in that speech bubble in the last panel, but that's not exactly it. If you can give me the game/game series it was in I'll count it.
Yeah, sorry, couldn't come up with anything better :P

Anyway, should be a normal update next week. So like, look forward to that.

Oh yeah. Also, I've been thinking about social networking in relation to DC the last day or two...and how to apply it and if there are any benefits to it as a webcomic artist. Because I don't really know. Webcomics don't seem too big on social media sites, but maybe I'm just looking in the wrong place *shrug*. Once upon a time I started a Facebook fan page for DC...and then forgot about it. Not exactly sure where to go with that anyway. I do use my Twitter pretty regularly nowadays, though there's not a lot of comic-related tweets. Still, if any of you guys are on there you're more than welcome to follow me (@lizisdistracted). Tell me who you are and I'll definitely follow back. There's also that whole formspring thing (there's links to mine and Riza's on the extras page) if anyone ever has a crazy question. And of course the ever-neglected DC forums.
But yeah, if anyone has any ideas on how I can utilize social media in maybe involving you guys more or getting new fans, let me know. I'd like to see what I can do and I'm always open to suggestions :P

EDIT: Oh yeah. One more thing. I'd like to mention that not a single one of you guessed right on last week's QotU :] I told you I'd be shocked if anyone got it XD
That is all.

And You Say...

AlmaPheonix says,

.... ._. I saw it before I even saw the question of the update....

Those things were the reason I even bought the one game. XD Chao are so cute and awesome. (From the Sonic the Hedgehog series)

Tessan12 says,

I whant to say he rezambels som charecter named Pit... Angel guy from somewere, some fighting game I think...

guestguy (Guest) says,

I know this one

Hey! it's a chao! specifically a hero chao from the sonic adventure series.

PureSnowBird says,

Chao <3
You can get them in the Chao Garden on Sonic Adventure 2 Battle... Fun times.

IcyPheonix (Guest) says,

Honestly, it reminds me of Chappy rabbit from Bleach XD I know it's wrong but, that's what I thought of.

MysteriousKnight244 says,

Chao... I THINK.
from sonic. xD

Christo556 says,

i think it's a Chao from the Sonic the Hedgehog games

sonicstar4453 says,

It looks a lot like a Chao from the Sonic the Hedgehog series, maybe it's a Hero Chao!

pokesam says,

Um... It looks like a moogle to me...
Although it could be a Chao (has no idea what that is.)

... (Guest) says,

SO awesome!!! but now alot of questions came to my head....WHO IS HE WHAT IS IT AND WHEN DID SHE DRAW IT AND WHAT IS GOING ON IN MY HEAD!??!!??!?!

LordSeth (Guest) says,

I too saw it before the question, however there is one thing wrong. it may be a Chao, but not from Sonic;
It's the Chao from Phantasy Star Online you can find after beating the Rag-Rappy researcher quest.

Comments, anyone?