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Chapter 12: Page 11

April 4th, 2011, 11:01 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

Hiya Dreamers :D
(You like? Because I might call you guys that from now on if you do. Just a consideration XD)

Alright, I'd honestly be surprised if you guys didn't figure it out, but yes, that nerdy little kid that Riza just met is indeed Aiden. In his pre-fro days. Beginning of the end, haha :P

Anyway! We have some business to take care of. First off, being that it's now April, I need to announce the winner of March's QotU contest-thinger. And the winner, chosen randomly out of everyone who answered questions, isssss.... *drumroll* Captain Ghost! =D Hoorah! Congrats Captain; you've been supporting DC for a long time now, which I very greatly appreciate. You totally deserve this :3 PM me about claiming your free sketch prize :D

Moving on, I want to try something this week. I have no idea how well it'll work, in fact I'll be sort of surprised if it goes well. But! In place of a Question of the Update, I want to issue a challenge to you all :3
Here it is: At some point this week, I want you to tell one person about DC. Just one. I mean you're welcome to tell more, but I'm only asking for one. Friend, family member, classmate, random stranger, anyone you think might like the comic. It can be online, or in real life. You can blog it, tweet about, Facebook it, post a link somewhere...whatever. Anything that gets someone to this site. That's the easy part. What that person you tell has to do is come to the site, and leave a comment on this page. They don't need an account, guest comments are fine. And I don't really care what the comments say, except that they have to mention who sent them here (which reminds me, if you post as a Guest, leave a name so I know who you are :P Just seeing comments named "Guest" doesn't help me much). They can be nonsense comments, as long as there's a "by the way, so-and-so sent me to this site". Obviously my hope here is that some people will stick around and actually read the comic and enjoy it, but I'm not setting my goals too high XD. So, tell somebody about DC, get them to come to the site, and get them to leave a comment with your name.

That is your challenge. There will be a prize of sorts for this, no relation to the QotU prize. I'm thinking something collective. Like a big thank you pic with everyone who actually sent someone here and got them to comment with their name. Or something like that. If you have better ideas tell me. But there will be a prize if you do this.

Anyway! Get on that, and I will see all you Dreamers (as well as hopefully some new ones) next week! =D

And You Say...


hey i dont comment that much on dc but i have to say this much, i love it, the storyline is so original, and it has lots of heart

Meekee Molestarioz (Guest) says,


I LoooOooooOoooveeee your comic. C8 Scenister sent me, I loOOoOOoOoooOOOooove her. SHE'S A DOOOOLLLL~

Miyuangel1 says,

I'd love to be called a dreamer ^^ That happens to me. I'll take five classes with someone before I even know they exist... wonder if that is rude...?

Birdz555 says,

I started reading this today. And I've caught up. *really should be doing work* No one sent me though haha.
I must say, I love it! Your art is amazing and I wish I could draw hands as well as you can. Super jealous.
Keep up the excellent work! I can't wait to read more n_n

Raiden (Guest) says,

Huh..not bad at all...


Pumpkinhead sent me.

Not a bad comic you've got here.

The artwork and storyline aren't my kind of thing, but they are both very well done, especially for a younger artist/writer.

Keep it up and you'll go places, kid.

Mel (Guest) says,

Dammit, Liz, I teared up. Fucking Aiden.

Comments, anyone?