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Chapter 12: Page 13

April 11th, 2011, 11:01 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

For some reason I have a harder time drawing Aiden's hair every time I do it XP Weird.

Anyway!'s an update. I don't really have a lot to say about it to be honest. So just enjoy that I guess.
Also, for those of you that are getting sick of this real world mumbo-jumbo, fear not! We'll be back to Rokenthia in...a few pages. Not exactly sure how many. Less than 10, at least.

Moving on, last week's little bring-in-readers challenge thing went about as expected. Two people managed to get someone to at least check out the comic, which is better than no one, at least :3 According to the references in the comments they left, Scenister and Pumpkinhead were the two lovely readers that took some time to get other people to stop by :3 You two! I'm just gonna give you each a sketch request like I do the QotU winners. PM me to claim those :D

Speaking of the Question of the Update, here's a normal one for this week: ...What do you think Aiden's gonna do/say next? That last line is a little vague; who knows what he'll spit out on the next page :P

Anyway! I will see you all next week. Laterssss.

And You Say...

pokesam says,

Mesa think he's gonna say something like, "Why are you so depressed?" maybeh?

Oh, and I have a message to Dae: Stop being an asshole!

Tessan12 says,

I think that Dae and Aiden (or Aiden will say) will say something that are simmular to what they both whould say... GAAAH!! I'm sooo tierd T_T

DarSasu says,

Probably along the lines of this:
Riza: So?
Aiden: Shouldn't you be happy? I mean, no more school for a few months...
Riza: *glare* Yeah, but I'm losing two of my best friends to people who have hurt me. How am I supposed to be happy about that?
Aiden: *guilt* ....

Mini script over :P
Awesome two pages btw *o* Last page, I loved the second last panel. The way you drew it just looked amazing! and I love Aiden's hair *w*

Aramondii says,

I think that they both like eachother like dae and riza so now she has to choose between them

capri1722 says,

I think he's going to try and play off like they've been best friends since they were best friends.

...wait, what? I'm not sure if I even understood that. It made sense before I typed it...

Anyway, then they'll be laughing about it all and then Riza will be like "mm, maybe I should apologize to Dae..." and then we go back to Rokenthia.

stolloss says,

Hi. New reader. Found the comic yesterday. Stayed up until 2 AM reading it. Obviously, I enjoyed it immensely. :3 It's also been interesting comparing the different art styles you've had throughout the story.

The natural continuation for that conversation feels like:
Aiden: ...Okay. But, it's the last day of school. Do you want to hang out? (or some equivalent)
The only reason I'm thinking this is, back in the earlier chapters, after he finished flirting, he did wonder why she was being so quiet. He's not going to put much energy into it, but he is going to do something towards maintaining their friendship.

Darkhog says,

Aiden == Daemian. Period.

Mel (Guest) says,

Ha, I know how this ends :D Also, you made me look really good on the last page. Thank you. xD I look better in your freaking drawings than I did in actual middle school.

Comments, anyone?