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Chapter 12: Page 16

April 25th, 2011, 11:00 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

Well, there ends that scene. Also...I regret to say that there ends this update >< I know! I'm sorry! I literally forgot about the whole Easter thing being this weekend and didn't realize how little comic time I was going to have.

So. What I'm actually going to do is leave you with this page and some filler now, and next week, instead of just filler like I originally planned, I'll just get you the next page and one piece of filler. That way you still get a page both weeks, at least. Besides, this page ends this scene and the next one is very standalone, so it's probably almost better to split it up that way. Again I apologize for my lack of reliability lately; things are always ridiculously busy this time of year D: Like, April-May are always horrible when it comes to having enough time to do everything I'm supposed to. When things slow down I'll make up these missed pages.

In the meantime, sit tight for some form of filler, and here's your Question of the Update: This chapter has shown a sort of different side of Aiden than what we're used to. After reading the last couple scenes, has your opinion of him changed at all? Is he still just a jerk, or does he make up for that sometimes? Do you see why Riza stays friends with him, or think she's dumb for doing so? Thoughts!

Okay, hold on a minute, filler time.

And You Say...

Tessan12 says,

I freeking LOVE AIDEN!!!! x'D
one of my friends do that to me.. when I laugh tooo much "I forbid you to laugh anymore" and she points at me like she rules the world, I just laguh harder x'D

PumpkinheadKid says,

Yeah I thought Aiden was just a jerk but I guess he's not all bad after all. Though I'm curious about his attitude change. I wonder what has caused him to be friendly with Riza again?

Erro (Guest) says,

I haven't gotten the chance to think of him as a jerk, because we haven't gotten the chance to see him really act like one. We've only heard that he's a nice guy who's kind of being a jerk at the moment. We've seen him somewhat ignore Riza to talk to some other girl, but thats not really jerkish behaviour.

Besides Aiden is totally a Dreamer anyway, so he is excused. (MY THEORIES ARE CANNON GET OVER IT :V)

Guest says,


HumanBella says,

XD I had a friend like that once

SmackJeevesNinja (Guest) says,

Seriously, what's with comic being so amazing? I think this is like the second or third time EVER that a comic/manga made me laugh out loud! I just love Aiden right now! Your characters are all so original. I just LOVE IT! (OMGosh, I'm so spamming up all the new comments) Sorry ^_^,

Also, I don't think Aiden was ever a jerk. I just think he was being thoughtless when he was said "everyone I don't hang out with is a jerk" thing. And then Riza went and overreacted. Aiden probably sees their relationship just a strong as before. His time's just being taken up by other things, maybe, things at home?

Comments, anyone?