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Chapter 12: Page 19

May 9th, 2011, 11:01 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

HA. Two page update. YES.

Yeah, sorry I've missed a couple pages lately. April/May are unfailingly, every year, the absolute busiest months EVER. We should be pretty much back to normal with comic updates from here on out, but I apologize in advance if anything else happens to come up XP I can't see finals week being good for comic production, but we'll see.

ANYWAY. We're back in Rokenthia now, for quite awhile. We'll see how Riza deals with things here. Actually, let's just turn that into a Question of the Update: What do you think Riza will do about the whole Daemian/Nirako situation? Confront one or both of them? Just remain mad but not do anything? Or just kinda let it go and see what happens? Or something else. What do you think?!

By the way, I actually didn't really realize that last week was technically the first update of the month and I should have announced the QotU winner for April. Sooo I'm just going to do that this week. As soon as I count them up. I will edit this with the winner ASAP, but right now I have to go model chess pieces in 3DSMax :P

Oh, and I'm well aware that I still owe one or two people sketches D: I haven't forgotten! Obviously life has been kinda hectic lately; I barely have time to do homework and comic pages, much less...well, anything else. I will get them done! I promise :3

And You Say...

pokesam says,

Hmmm... What will Riza do...
She'll probably confront them one at a time, but confront them both anyway. l3

Tessan12 says,

does Riza ever sleep?! D8
I whould ba a zombie if I were her rigth now xD

thout, I think she will maby confront them both or maby something has happend to all of them while she was gone

IcyPheonix (Guest) says,

I think she might try to confront Dae again. Whether it's successful or not is an entirely different matter.

A_ya says,

I love how you draw paws! I suck at 'em T-T Anyway, Riza doesn't seem like the confrintational type. She'll probably remain mad at the both of them, but push it away until the most inopportune moment to spring it on them both dx.

capri1722 says,

I like Riza's pose in the bottom-left panel (though I guess it's just the background panel or something like that). ^^;

As for the QotU, she seems to have cooled down a bit so I think she'll try to just let it go.

Salimus says,

Riza is probably going to be mad at them but ignore it for the most part. Until she can talk to Daemian lone at least.

wolfehperson (Guest) says,

Pfff, I just want Nirako to go away. Daemian belongs to Riza. D<

.... (Guest) says,

i think riza may be attacked by that ninja girl again while dae is a sleep so that he wont know and if riza tells say that she lies...

Guest says,

then she will yell at him and ninja girl talling he is a blind lovesick guy who wont acstept the truth then slap him and punch ninja girl in stomach wich makes her attack her again and dae thinks he should have believed Riza...

.... (Guest) says,

hehe i sked Riza a question and i made her sai Dae is cute!!! and she said it herself! not like i dare you to sat it but she said she thought it!!!!!!

wolfehperson (Guest) says,

I used to love daemian, but now he's being such a jerk. I wish he'd go back to normal and nirako would just GO AWAY.

Meh (Guest) says,

Mo offence, but I think you have a little bit of difficulty drawing side profiles, like in the first panel. Still, this comic is one of the better drawn and written ones that I've read lately, so keep up the good work!

! (Guest) says,

lol, you misspelled no

Hazumirein says,

@Meh: Yeah, I mess those up sometimes for sure. I know that first panel's pretty...blah :P It's partly because, admittedly, the base sketches for the comic pages are pretty hastily drawn (in fact they're pretty terrible), and while I fix a good number of the issues when I go over them in Photoshop, I just don't have time to correct everything :P So a lot of times art gets left...not looking that great >< But you are right, I'll make a mental note to watch it with those side views. Otherwise, thanks! =]

Meh (Guest) says,

No probs. I've been following your comic for a while, and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next.

Comments, anyone?