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Chapter 12: Page 25

May 30th, 2011, 11:01 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

Evening, Dreamers.

Let me first say that it is currently 4 AM, Sunday night/Monday morning, and after getting home from work around 12:30, I sat down and finished this comic page so it wasn't late and you guys got two pages like you were supposed to :P Just sayin'. But anyway.

So. Luna reveals yet MORE surprising information, and Riza makes a connection. Not that most of you didn't see that coming. Also, I think it was mentioned back in like, chapter 1 that Aiden was a musician. Unfortunately it just never got brought up again. But yeah. (And just for the record, that guitar is totally from memory. I just couldn't be bothered to look up any kind of reference).

Anyhow, there is actually only one more update left in this chapter. Which should be next week. The week after that...I'm probably going to take off a) because that's usually what I do between chapters and b) it happens to be finals week for me >< Proooobably gonna need the extra time. After I'm done with this quarter I'll see about getting some extra pages in to make up for ones I missed in recent weeks.

But yeah. Moving on, I have something semi-serious to discuss with you guys. See, about mid-June, I have to renew my premium hosting thing with SJ and the domain name for the site. Altogether it's about 80$. Not a ridiculous amount of money, and it's not that I can't pay it off myself, but it does put a nice dent in my bank account. Now, I put a buttload of time and effort into DC, and give it to you guys all for free. But I could use a little help with web costs.
Normally I would just take a few commissions or something to take care of this, but when it comes down to it I REALLY don't have time for that right now.
But, I absolutely will not ask for straight up donations of any kind. I just never liked that. I also absolutely would not ask more than like, 5$ out of anyone for anything because the rest of the world is pretty much just as broke as I am. And it's not like this is any kind of required; like I said, I realize that no one really has money right now. But, presently I'm a little lost for ideas on what to offer in return for anyone who may actually have a couple bucks to spare to help out DC. So, right now, I just need you guys to brainstorm for me a little. What exactly could I offer you that doesn't take a whole ton of time for me to put together that you might be willing to pay for? Because I can't think of anything XD (Probably because it's 4 AM)

I do realize that it is thoroughly annoying/uncomfortable most of the time when people bring up money, but unfortunately it happens. Like I said, just looking for some potential ideas at the moment. If no one (myself included), comes up with anything, I'll just pay the web fees myself and be on my way. Not a huge deal.

ANYWAY, now that that's out of the way, Question of the Update: While this page gives away that Aiden is truly kind of an oddball (that apparently has some talent) exactly do you think Riza's relating him to Dae? I mean, besides the fact that they can both be jerks, what else exactly do you think she sees them as having in common?

And You Say...

.... (Guest) says,


question: well....they are pretty lookaikes to eachother and i see other things i cant really explain....maby dea is a rokenthia aiden!!!!

first comment!?!?!? OH YEAH!!!!!!!!

Darkhog (Guest) says,

I knew it!

Daemian == Aiden. Period.

maxinesheela says,

I'd probibly give ya $2, but I don't know how to give it to you. Being only under 13, I don't have a credit card. I can't give you real money cos we are in different countrys, and even if you were in my country (NZ) I don't know your adress. Help anyone?

Salimus says,

Well, both Dae and Aiden have been driving her up the wall lately. Not to mention they act emo most of the time.

Shiny pokemons!! says,

Heh, Aiden is such an awesome dude! And he makes me lol! The paper clip and all! :'D

I think they're connected, cause Aiden and Dae look a lot alike, but they have completely different personalities, as well as the fact they have much of the same hairstyle and build. Their resemblance to each other is uncanny.

WaitingWish says,

I've had a sneaking suspicion that Daemian and Aiden are the same person..or maybe related through some weird world-crossover thing?

Anyways, I'd love to be able to send some money to help out. I can't do a tremendous amount, but I have about 10$USD I can spare until next payday (:

And if you really wanted to be nice, I could do twenty for a pretty picture of Daemian..y'know, just a suggestion ;)

Suzaku (Guest) says,

soooooo cooooooool.....

Darkhog (Guest) says,

about money...

If you have paypal account, could you give me via SJ PM your PayPal e-mail, so I'll be able to drop you little money?

IcyPheonix (Guest) says,

'Kilts, man! Kilts!!' That line and his face made me giggle. And the mop one XD

As for the QotU, well, they can both act like jerks, then go back to normal.

Luisina222 (Guest) says,

Got something...

Hi there, I'm sorry 'bout the money problems, I must say you're very right when you say the world's like you xD I don't want to be the kind of people who sais "i would give you..... but I don't because of bla bla bla", but this time I have to be honest and tell you that the reason I'm not giving you anything (sorry) is because I live in argentina, I'm 15 years old, ,, and I think those 2 are really good excuses xD haha, anywayyy.... I've made a drowing of Luna and I wanted to show you somehow.. It's not the greatest thing.. But I thing it's kinda good :3 haha,, sooo... that's it, i'm out, byee!!

Hazumirein says,

@maxinesheela: No worries, like I said, I'm really not too concerned about the money thing, I was just seeing if anyone could come up with any good ideas for me to make some XD But yeah, don't worry about it, thanks for the offer though :3

@WaitingWish: XD What is it with everyone and pictures of Dae? He's so popular, haha. Buuut, thanks for the offer, but I think I'll just deal with the money thing myself for now. I might take some commissions to make up for it when I have some time though, so keep an eye out for that, haha.

@Darkhog: I do have paypal, but like I said, I don't want to just take straight donations. Don't worry about it, I'll take care of the money thing myself :]

@Luisina: No worries, I know the rest of the world isn't in great economical shape XD And being young and in a different country is a perfectly valid excuse. Don't worry, I'll just take care of the money thing myself for right now :3 I would like to see your drawing of Luna though! Can you upload it online somewhere and send me a link? Fanart brightens my day so much :3

By the way guys, it's really cool knowing DC has fans in far off countries like New Zealand and Argentina :3 That's just awesome.

maxinesheela says,

LOL, far off. I like that.

Comments, anyone?