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Filler: 3D Final - Fantasy Weapons 2

June 13th, 2011, 11:01 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

Well, again, there's no update this week partly because I'm in between chapters, and mostly because I've been busting ass on finals. So much so that I didn't even have any DC-related filler material for you. So, I thought I'd show you what I've been working on for class instead.

This is my just-finished final for my first 3D modeling class. We needed to model 6 "props" and put them together in a "scene". I wanted to model a bunch of fantasy weaponry, so I made a little armory of sorts. These are a couple renders of the whole project when it was done. I'm reasonably proud of it, considering that I had never really used any kind of 3D software or done any modeling before this class.

Anyway, sorry that's all I've got for you. It'll have to do. We should be starting the next chapter next week.

Before I go, a Question of the Update: Since we're dealing with weapons here, we all know Riza generally just fights with hand-to-hand combat (and occasionally a stick). But if she were to use a real weapon, what do you think it would be? Sword? Bow? Spear? What?

And You Say...

benebob says,

I think she should continue hand-to-hand fighting.

Though daggers would be a good choice. I think.

PureSnowBird says,

... I'm thinking that she would use a katar... since shes a wolf/human mix (plus she already used hand-to-hand and the technique used for a katar is usually punching).

pokesam says,

Hmm... I think she's be good with a sword, because the way she uses her EPIC STICK is very sword-like. (In a way)

Arch451 says,

A dagger, I think. Alternately, a sword, but probably a dagger. Or two. :D

Miyuangel1 says,

I agree that a dagger would be kinda good for her... if she had two, she could carry one on each hip, or something, and it could be light ^^
Your modeling is great ^^ turns out I'm really very good at modeling too, but my animating is horrible... my teacher used to just pat my shoulder and ask someone to animate my stuff for me... ^^'

werekitty13 says,

I'm thinking either sai or kunai. A pair of them. Carried in two secret pockets on each side of her capris. Easy to fetch, no? Preferably sai, because they look really cool.

Salimus says,

Hum, looks good. Usually, wood has vertical lines though. Might also lack a bit of texture.

IcyPheonix (Guest) says,

Hmm, perhaps a Bo-for those that don't know, it's essentially a large walking stick, usually around 6ft long and made of hard wood like oak, softwood like pine or cedar would break to easily in a fight. It would double as a walking stick when she's not using it.
A small knife or dagger might also work.

maxinesheela says,

I think a bow, or I know, a staff! And she can go HI-JA! Or use it to channel dreamer magic or somthin'

Tessan12 says,

I whould say Spear just for she can figth av a stick too

EstherQuesada (Guest) says,


Well, I'm a classical one, so I would say swords. However, there are all kinds of mystical or magical weapons and other stuff that you could create. My idea is that you take the best of every weapon you like and try to mix it up in one.


it would be funny if her weapon of choice was a whip, but thats just me lol XD

Darkhog says,


...Make 3D dreamcatcher.

P.S.: What program did you use? Blender? 3D$ Max? Maya? Cinema4D?

Hazumirein says,

@Miyuangel1: Thanks! ^^ I actually haven't tried 3D animation yet; I'm a little afraid of how that'll go, haha. I'm decent enough at 2D, but...yeah XD.

@Darkhog: 3DS Max.

Luisina222 (Guest) says,

Riza's weapon :D

Hi again! So, I was thinking about your question, and got to the conclusion: ... I imagined Riza with a bow, I don't know, it's kind of an image I got like, from Narnia, and I like how it would suit her.. But she could really do with a dague, after all, her stick-technique is very good and unique xD haha, and it actually kind of looks like she's using a dague.. So that was it, I said what I needed, so now I'm leaving, Bye!

Luisina222 (Guest) says,

Wrong word :B

SOOOOOOOOOOOOORRY!! As I told you, My language is not english, and I don't always write that well, and in my last comment, I wrote like 100 times DAGUE, what I meant to write was in fact DAGGER but my corrector did't.. correct it xD haha, sorry once again, :D

luvsmepokemon says,


they do make combat desined gauntlets so that wariors can fight with thier fists and not a sword or something, not that she couldn't use a two-handed sword, she has natural talent with that crap. *shivers* 0.o"

ShdwStrkr (Guest) says,


Well, since she likes short sticks, and likes close combat, I'd say she's a bit of a melee fighter, so maybe a mace, or some sort of short sword, paired with a dagger or knife as backup...

But personally, I'd love to see what kind of design you'd make for a glaive. I dunno, but I can totally see Riza with one, totally knocking people over with it, and laughing in their face.

Comments, anyone?