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Chapter 13: Page 1

June 20th, 2011, 7:24 pm

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

Okay, here's that page :P Sorry for the delay. You can attribute that partly to me being busy, and partly to me being lazy. But what else is new?

Anyway, this should be a reasonably interesting chapter; there's some fun parts and characters, and some things are...clarified...that may or may not surprise you.

As for the page, Dae's back...and he gives Riza a rather rude awakening. I felt the need to actually write "H2O" on that bottle to clarify that it was just water, because showing it wasn't that easy in black and white. And in case you're wondering, yes, Riza brought the bottled water from Earth. She does things like that sometimes.

Anyway, here, have a Question of the Update: Do you think Dae's still mad at Riza, or vice-versa? Will there be any kind of apology exchanged between the two?

And You Say...

Ninja Kitten XP says,

hehe slowpoke...

I hate waking up like this too Riza, together we shall get our revenge!!!

Hold on a second! Where did he get a PLASTIC water bottle in a middevil world?

pokesam says,

Oh Dae. You little jerk you.

Yeah... They'll probably be a teensy bit mad at each other... but I hope Riza apologizes! If she does not, I will never speak to her again.

IcyPheonix (Guest) says,

@ Ninja Kitten XP

That's answered in the I say box under the comic. "And in case you're wondering, yes, Riza brought the bottled water from Earth. She does things like that sometimes."

maxinesheela says,


I thought it was squrril pee


yea i agree, i thought it was squirrel pee too lol

PumpkinheadKid says,

Ohh he just splashed her with water?

I thought the squirrel crapped on her head XD

Hazumirein says,

...In retrospect, I probably shouldn't have put that squirrel there.

maxinesheela says,

I agree XD

_Ashen_ says,

Hello! I finished reading all the other chapters! Yay! I got really surprised when I actually caught up to the end.

As for this page: Its a whole lot funnier going back and reading it as if the squirrel had pissed on her head. lol.

Answer to the Question: I think Dae is still a little mad, but he's ready to explain... a little anyways. Riza is probably mad right now, but she's calm down quick... if you can count anything Riza does as being calm. lol.

DeepDark (Guest) says,


Apology? By ANYONE? Unlikely at best. It is kinda nice to see Dae get a chance to bug Riza FIRST today.

.... (Guest) says,


well.....riza should take revenge with a squirrel that drank too much water^^

question: apology? nevah. maby they are that kind of friends who just pretend to have forgotten it all and live on for so long. hehe i have annoyed riza WAAAY to much on her formspring. hehe all those DO YOU LOVE DAE!?!? and are you jealous at ninja-girl and all that stuff^^

Comments, anyone?