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Chapter 13: Page 3

June 28th, 2011, 7:40 pm

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

Okay, here's that other page. Told you it'd be up. Apologies for the delay (again). There will hopefully just be a normal update next week. Not sure what to tell you about the week after that (I'll be on vacation with no computer), but I'll deal with that later.

I dunno though. Just out of curiosity, do you guys prefer the comic to update once a week with the two pages, or should I maybe take a shot at doing one page updates twice a week? Or doesn't it matter? Just a thought. I'm not making this a question of the update or anything (the one on the last page still applies), but ya know, if you have an opinion let me know. Odds are I won't change anything, but eh, you never know.

And You Say...

_Ashen_ says,


Heehee, harmless assassins would be out of work. lol.

Ummmm... I really don't care as long as you update. :D

Captain Ghost says,

Not too fussed re. the update schedule myself.

Having it spread out is kinda cool, plus you might have more chances at catching people who look at different times... or something, I dunno.

The two once-a-week isn't bad by any means though so...

whatever suits your fancy is fine by me : D excited either way haha

maxinesheela says,

I want 2 1-page-posts a week.

Aramondii says,

You say

I say

We all say.....

Sorry every time I see that I think that. I say that little riza has a little crush and is a little jealous. anybody with me on this?

Tessan12 says,

waaaaaa! <3 *happy face* thank you for the update ^^ my day have been as black as the end of the world, that will mean go to the doctor and take some blood test... phobic for blood and doctors.. they took my blood D8 they are vampires, no one belives me when i say it T_T

so thanks again for your lovely updte ^///^ *in heaven*

Arch451 says,

I think I would prefer to have the updates spread across the week, but I'm good as long as it updates at all.

oh, shucks says,

I agree w/ the person above me. :)

Tessan12 says,

I just had to comment... I was bored and looked throu stuff I got on this computor. and I found the drawing you did to me whit Michell and Dae.. I laughed, and was like "so it was there the drawing went". I thout I had lost it and got sad and now on a random hot day before the city festivale I found it. thank you so much again, and I think Dae's hair needs a bow x''D

maxinesheela says,

Agreed! Riza and Dae, sitting ina a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

Miyuangel1 says,

For some reason, I was imagining Riza growling in her direction... I do agree, I think she is jealous... ^^

.... (Guest) says, not trying to be rude or anything and i have never drawn a comic myself but....Does it reaaaaly take a week to draw pages? couldnt you like have two on monday and one on tuesday???? CAUSE I LOVE THE COMIC SOOO MUUUUUCH! :-(

Hazumirein says,

@...: As a matter of fact, it does. I put, eh, an average of 8-10 hours into each page. That's 16-20 hours a week. And that's just the photoshop time; doesn't really include the sketching and such. I balance doing the comic with college, work and whatever other real life activities I have going on. In theory I could get pages done faster if I did it in a less detailed kind of way, like if I didn't do as much screentoning or something, but I'd rather not sacrifice the art quality at this point.

Maybe sometime I'll do a live stream or a tutorial of how I do pages or something so you guys can see what in all goes into it. But yeah, doing more than 2 pages a week is not an easy task. Occasionally I can do it if not much else is going on, but not usually.

maxinesheela says,

In the background of the comic, ya know, where the archives and the fave+ and stuff is, why is that girl we don't know the name of in there and not Luna? Cause Luna is awesome :3

IcyPheonix (Guest) says,

@ ....

As someone who drew a comic for a contest yes, it does take a while to draw them.
For a contest a little while back I drew a fan comic, it was 10 pages long. All I ended up having time for was to draw the sketches and hand ink it as at the time I was at college and had no way to get to a scanner so I could ink it digitally. So mine was pretty much just the inks. That alone took me the good part of two weeks(maybe longer, I don't remember XD) If I had added in more detail, i.e shading (and/or colour) each page would likely have taken an extra day or so each-nearly an extra week total(I didn't have time or I would have missed the contest deadline) while also balancing real life and school work (and sleep) at the same time.
For something this detailed I can easily see it taking as long as she said just to get two pages done. Especially if you want it to look decent.
Drawing a comic is not as easy as it looks, especially if you want it to look good.


On the topic of updates, I don't care when it updates, whether at once or across the week, as long as it updates and whatever works with your schedule.

Hazumirein says,

@maxinesheela: Uhh, you mean the layout background for the comic pages, where all the main characters are? 'Cause Luna's there. Bottom left. And the only other girls there are Riza and Nirako. Luna's also in the BG of the author page. The only site page that has a girl you don't know is the links page, and that's just a character that hasn't been introduced yet.

maxinesheela says,

Oh. Thanks! Her name is Nirako? I need to goback and cheak XD

Comments, anyone?