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Chapter 13: Page 9

August 8th, 2011, 10:07 pm

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

What? What?! Is that a comic page?! :O

Yeah. Finally managed to squeeze this in. Actually, it was more like I gave homework the middle finger for a day or two and happily worked on this instead. You guys have no idea how incredibly pissed I am that I've wound up missing so many updates lately. I don't like doing that at all. And I mean, missing one or two pages, yeah, that happens now and then, but 3 weeks? Come on.

Tell you one thing, I've definitely learned my lesson about being a full-time student. Totally done with that after this quarter. Actually, again, I'm more than likely just not going back to art school after that. It's not working out. In the past year or two I've found something else I'd rather pursue as a career anyway.

ANYWAY. All my irritated rambling aside, there's finally a new page! Even though you've already seen the sketch and most of you figured out exactly what happened. But oh well. It's something. Iiii'm definitely not going to promise another page this week, but I will be trying. And I'll have another one up by next Monday if it kills me (I don't work Sunday, so I should be able to get away with it).

As far as the page goes, a few notes: a) Dae's probably exaggerating on how small Twyla used to be; it's been a long time and Nirako can't exactly see the gesture he's making to correct him. And b) rivos-eve is an elvish term and literally translates to "elven-songbird". It's pronounced "ree-voes eh-vey". Just some fun facts.

Anyways, here's a Question of the Update: Why do you think Twyla would have bitten Dae? Have fun with that one. And I'll see you guys by next week, I swear.

And You Say...

contradiction123 says,

My answer to the question of the update

Twyla bit Dae because Dae sat on him! ^-^

pokesam says,

Twyla bit Dae because that's what birds do when they're pissed.

steelCOYOTE says,

Question: Answer

Because Dae attracts misery like honey attracts flies.

_Ashen_ says,

Darn it! I should have posted my dialog sooner! I was sooooooooo close to being right!!! Oh, well, that we teach me not to wait around. Hope you are doing better this week and don't worry about us if you need more time for something else! We can be patient!

Answer: Dae made a comment about Twyla's size and she bit him for it.

.... (Guest) says,

Q:she bit him cause she thought he might taste good? :3

IcyPheonix (Guest) says,

Dae was holding her and she didn't want to be held, or didn't like the way he was handling her.

xxamaterasu says,

Maybe because Twyla just didn't like him!

DoB (Guest) says,

Y'know, the immediacy with which Twyla appeared suggests that the whole group has been stalked by a giant bird for the past couple of days without noticing it. Not that that's impossible, but I've wondered before why Luna can't smell as well as she ought to... After all, she has a wolf's nose. She should have been able to track Lunos and Dae earlier, and she should have smelled Twyla while out hunting. Just thought I'd throw that out there. I promise not to question the science of whatever explanation you throw at me, though :3 I'm a good little fantasy fan. ^.^

CallieJ says,

Idk if you watch MLP FiM but twyla looks alot like gilda the griffon =^-^=

Comments, anyone?