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Chapter 13: Page 11

August 18th, 2011, 2:59 pm

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

Ha ha! Thursday page. Finally.

So yesterday, I finished up my first two online classes for this quarter. Today I start the second two. All I've done so far is look at the class overviews and assignments due over the next week and I already hate them. And what's better? They look like they're going to be even MORE work than the last two. What. The. Hell.

I realize I sound like a typical lazy kid that just doesn't want to go to school right now, but the only reason I bring it up here is because school has been the reason I've missed to many updates here lately, and I'm about to lose it. Because at this point, I know I'm not going back to this school or anywhere near this major ever again after this quarter's up, therefore I truly don't care and one way or another, I'm going to keep up with updates this time around. You guys have the right to be pissed if I don't.

I'm not saying I'm not going back to college, I'm just picking a different school and a different career path that doesn't drive me insane. Just...yeah.

ANYWAY. Rant aside, well, now we know how Twyla feels about Dae (still). In case you can't tell, she didn't actually manage to bite him (he moved fast enough), buuutttt yeah. And now...Riza wants to have a go at it? Even I question her decisions sometimes.

So! Question of the Update is pretty much the same as last time: What will Twyla think of Riza?

Till Monday! (And I mean that, darn it.)

And You Say...

pokesam says,

Rixa seems to be good with animals, so I'm thinkin she'll be okay. :)

Shiny pokemons!! says,

Hmm, I think Riza will be alright with this one, since she's been good with animals so far. But you never know. ;)

Tessan12 says,

you forgott her neckleac/collor *or maby I took it ho ho ho*

I think Riza will be fine

Hazu (hates her laptop) (Guest) says,

@Tessan: ...Yes I did. Oops. I thought I was forgetting something.

DarSasu says,

I think she'll like Riza ^^ which'll make Dae confused or something XD

CactusJuicy says,

Hmm I think Twyla will dislike Riza. Maybe.

maxinesheela says,

Twyla will like Riza. I THINK so anyway... screw homework ay? I feel the same. At school I did my persuasive writing on 'Homework Is A Waste Of Time'
Which it is. So I dont do it. Cos- I SPEND MAH TIME RAMBLING XD.

steelCOYOTE says,

my opinion:

There's bad blood between Riza and Nirako, Twyla might sense it and side with her master.

zetina says,

Twyla will either sense Riza's dislike towards her master or will be fine with her for the same reasons the mad horse was.


this is in resonse to ur "rant" lol i think u should stick to school, do what u love, create and draw. I envy that i dont have that kind of ability.

Hazumirein (is logged out) (Guest) says,

@REALLYDEMONIC: I'm not quitting school, I'm just going to switch to a different one and not major in art. Because as much as I love it, the second it becomes a job, I hate it. It's not something I can really do as a career and be happy. Don't worry, I'm definitely not giving up on art and the comic's not going anywhere, I'd just rather it be a hobby, haha. And I found something else I'd rather pursue as a career instead :]

Comments, anyone?