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Chapter 13: Page 15

September 1st, 2011, 11:00 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

And page. I think we all saw this coming.

Not much to say. This page wound up being super simple mostly because I didn't feel like drawing backgrounds/everyone else walking behind them. *shrug* Oh well.

Anyway, Question of the Update: Okay. We know Xan went to school in Relecross. However, what do you think they taught him there? The usual math, reading, etc., or maybe something a little more mage-oriented? What kind of classes do you think he had?

Aaaanndd I'll see you Monday.

And You Say...

_Ashen_ says,

Nice one Riza. That helped him understand a WHOLE lot! lol.

What was Xan taught? Hmm... I'm gonna say probably some government stuff as well as reading, writing, math, magic, etc. I think he has some basic combat skills too with or without the magic.

sonicstar4453 says,

magic plus some basic life needs as a mage, such as writing, math, and reading. i would think he would need it so he coule make wateva mages make.

Birdz555 says,

I love how Xan's fire sprites have the same expression as him in the third panel :D

Comments, anyone?