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Chapter 13: Page 20

September 22nd, 2011, 11:00 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says, much for this being up Monday. When it still wasn't done Tuesday night, I figured it was better to just cut my losses and put it up today instead. Sorry; hopefully you can see why it was taking so long just from the page itself. Lots of backgrounds. Oi. Combine with with 30-ish hours of work in one weekend, and this being finals week for school, and, well, I ran out of time. But! The good news is that I'm out of school next week and am only working one day, so I'll try to sneak an extra page in to make up for it :D

Anyway...behold the library! Which isn't that exciting; I will never be good at creating interesting architecture. The funny part is I actually did have a slightly more interesting design for the building...but I lost it ><. Noooo idea what happened to that one. I also think I may have overdone it with the's supposed to look old and not well taken care of, but...yeah. I was also aiming to make the surrounding forest pretty thick and old looking; not sure if I succeeded.

But! Regardless of all that, here's a Question of the Update: Xan said something in like, chapter 9 about there being a librarian and apprentice that work in the library...a) do you think they're actually in there? and b) what do you think they're like? What kind of people might they be?

And I'll see you Monday. Hopefully.

And You Say...

Shiny pokemons!! says,

hmm, seems like they might still be in there. Kinda reminds me of the library in FireWorld. Maybe they'll find the librarian and the apprentice sitting around reading books. XD

LordSeth (Guest) says,

The librarian is that dragon statue.
JK, but they'd have to be self-sufficient, maybe it's a type of sprite, like xan's?
That seems to make sense to me, and why they wouldn't need to keep the building fully repaired, they dont need the (full) shelter.

On a note that returns to the last comic's discussion, I typed rokenthia on my compy and the auto correct wants to make it 'heartbroken'

mastokid says,

why were they going to library again? Can't remember :(

The librarians are floating books that can talk...

Hazumirein says,

@Seth: Heartbroken? ...Well that's depressing. XD I assure you that the word "Rokenthia" has nothing to do with broken hearts. Actually I don't really remember where that one came from, it's been around forever.

@mastokid: They're going to the library to look for info on the Dreamers and stuff. XD The problem with only getting 2 pages a week is that it's hard to remember what happened a chapter or two ago. Oh well.


unless u have a memory like mine, i remember the entire story and so far its gettin better and better. finding out that rokenthia is one out of many continents is freaking crazy lol

Comments, anyone?