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600 Fannnnnsss! :D

September 29th, 2011, 11:01 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

I do believe that the last time I did one of these I promised that I would draw the girls next time XD. So I did :D Don't they look nice? I mean, Riza's not too happy about that outfit, but Nirako seems to be enjoying it.

The dresses are actually from a DC side story that I wrote ages ago and have lately been trying to figure out how to work into the main plot somewhere. I mean, I know what it could lead into, but not where to put it, exactly...yeah. That may or may not ever see the light of day. But at least you get to see some of the pretty outfits (Xan and Dae actually had suits, too...those are pretty funny. Actually I think the original sketch of the outfits is on the gallery page somewhere). I tried to make the dresses look like they were sparkly; not sure if I succeeded or not. Hah.

Aaaanyway, the point here is another big THANK YOU to all the DC readers, new and old :D I love you guys. And I'm glad the number seems to be growing all the time. Hopefully it continues to. Even if not, well, it's still not like the comic's going anywhere. I've put way too much work into this to give up XD So if you'll all stick around too, awesome, and I truly appreciate it :3

So! As promised, Question of the Update: Hmm. Alright, you see the fancy outfits; just what do you think that side story I was talking about may have been about? Seriously, what possible reason could there be for them to be dressing up? Give a quick summary or something. Ready, go! See you Monday.

EDIT: Speaking of thank yous and celebration, I just realized that this January (the 12th, to be exact. Which happens to be a Thursday), DC is turning 5 years old. Part of me is wondering how it took me 5 years to do 13 (well, hopefully 14 by that point) chapters, and part of me is like, "Holy crap! I've been doing this for like, a quarter of my life!" And the remaining part wants to figure out what to do to celebrate. So guys! I need suggestions! I want to do something special for DC's five year anniversary. I don't know what though! Some kind of contest or something maybe? Or some kind of live-chat internet party? I have no idea. Please give me some. There's still like, 3 months to plan this, haha, but I'd rather not wait until the last minute XD

And You Say...

maxinesheela says,

Question of the Update Answer:
Some kind of dance, I'm guessing.

Why don't we have a news post where everyone who posts gets a picture with their name on it? It can be the same picture tho. And a comp for the best quote, or randomest thing, or something!

LordSeth (Guest) says,

QotU: Xan's higher class relatives invited them over. They have to be prim and proper. (Though now I really want to see Luna's :P) also I did get the impression of the sparkles, but it's more shiny, reflective than...well...sparkly with glitter.

I think it would be cool to have a chat thing going. but at my college the only IM client they seem to allow is Skype.
But Maxinesheela's idea seems somewhat cool.

Darkhog says,

You should make your comics in full color.

I mean it. You can get used to BW style, but that's all. Your story is great and so your drawings, but lack of color is sad. Please make color comics from now on.

QuotU: I think some clothes may have magical properties like being inflammable (not as our "inflammable" materials where you always have black spot in place where it had contact with fire, but totally inflammable), giving extra strength and so on.

Hazumirein says,

@Darkhog: Trust me, I'd love to do DC in color, but coloring pages takes a lot longer than doing them grayscale (I've tried), and half the time I'm barely keeping up with updates as is :P Plus, just for the record, if I ever actually get the comic printed, color printing is a lot more expensive than grayscale. Color is alright on special occasions, but not all the time.

Darkhog says,


As I said I got used to BW style and I am fan of your comic (though not registered one since I don't like to receive info about updates if comic is regular or semi-regular since I can predict and check them myself).

Just would want it in color. But I'll say one thing - when comic will be finished, could you color it before starting another?

Hazumirein says,

@Darkhog: I would say probably not. Mostly because, just at this point, there's 400-some pages to go through, and by the time it's finished (which is a loooooonnnngggg ways off), I expect that number to be a couple thousand :P I think by the time I get this comic done I'll never want to touch it again XD

werekitty13 says,

I do understand your lack of color. I have a lot of trouble making updates on time (and I should probably be updating right now actually ^^') and often skip coloring. But how do you do your grayscale? The only way I could get grays like yours that are consistent would be to color it and then desaturate it. I can't get my grays to come out consistent otherwise.
Question of the update: Dance, fancy dinner, something like that. But I also sense a bitter rivalry over who's prettier or something. Did Luna wear a dress? Is that the one we already saw?

Hazumirein says,

@werekitty13: Admittedly, I approach my grayscaling a lot like I approach my coloring--it's the same basic process (lineart, flat tones, cell shading, then some airbrush softening) only with screentones instead of actual colors. I use a lot of the same patterns in areas where the values would be the same even for different colors, though, so it doesn't take nearly as long as actually coloring (for example, the tone I use to shade everything white, including skin, is the same tone I use for metal, glass, Nirako's shirt, one of Riza's old shirts, some parts of Xan's and Dae's fancy jackets that they're not wearing at the moment, and a host of other little things. It's my little all-purpose tone, haha).

Silaya (Guest) says,


Comments, anyone?