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Chapter 13: Page 25

October 11th, 2011, 11:00 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

Hi guys! Sorry this is a day late. I took a last minute extra day of work this weekend because they needed someone and I needed money, and completely forgot that I was supposed to do this comic page that day until AFTER I agreed to it. Whoops. But here it is.

On the bright side, apparently I also made a mistake in guessing the amount of remaining pages in this chapter; there was less material than I thought to cover, so I managed to get it all on one page and we're done! Couple things about this page: 1) Just for the record, the group split up to look for Mr. Totem. Riza, Luna, and Xan, are together, and Monty, Dae, and Nirako are elsewhere. 2) If for some reason you've never had a geography class and are missing the point of this page and why Riza's so surprised, here:
On the opposite end of the spectrum, I realize some of you probably saw this (or something like it) coming. In that case...oh well. I lose, I guess.

Anyway! It is the end of the chapter! So you know what that means! Feedback time! Questions, comments, or concerns about the events of the past 25 pages (or, really, the whole story) are welcome. Tell me how I'm doing with this whole webcomic thing these days; what am I doing right, and what could be improved :P Let me know. And by the way, once again, DC's fifth birthday is coming up in January...still looking for suggestions for something special to do for that.

But, that aside, I do have a normal Question of the Update for you: What book do you think Xan is reading there? It should be noted that while Xan actually excels at things like math and other technical stuff, literature isn't really his thing (he really is basically the polar opposite of Dae :P), so what might have caught his attention enough to pick up a book?

Aaaannnnd I'll see you Thursday! I hope.

And You Say...

Sylvian (Guest) says,

First, I think your doing great :3

Second, why not a book on geography? I mean, Reza is looking at a globe, so Xan is looking at a geogrophy book :3

Shiny pokemons!! says,

Hmm, It's probably something to do with dragons, since that seems typical.

As well, OMG! Sanvolae looks like Earth! Epic! Sounds like Sanvolae might be in an alternate dimension of Earth. Cool!

pokesam says,

Hurr Rokenthia looks like North America. :T

Xan is reading either a book on magic, geography, or pokemons. Yes.

LordSeth (Guest) says,

Somehow, I'm not that surprised.
I didn't see it coming though

99terminater says,

Alternate Universe, anyone?

But I have to say this makes it even more interesting.


another connection to earth?? do i detect the theory that what happens to one world affects the other?

werekitty13 says,

Was this just an excuse to use a pre-made map? XD Sounds like something I would do.
EDIT: QotU: That isn't a book. That's a pamphlet. And it's probably on sports or something. Maybe about dragons? Or fire? Or him? Yeah, I know I'm making him out to be a bit of a jerk. But oh well.
EDIT AGAIN: @Darkhog: She's actually in North America, I'd guess close to where she lives. About the distance from her home that she's traveled.

Hazumirein says,

@werekitty13: Well it DID save me the trouble of coming up with my own...XD

Flaming Gingerpunch says,

WHY ISN'T ROKENTHIA AFRICA!!!!!??????? AFRICA is the best!!!! "...Nkosi sikilele iAfrica..."(Sorry I live in south africa, and it's awesome)but actually it makes sense that rokenthia is america since Riza lives there and thats where she ended up <gets beat up for saying EXTREMELY obvious things and just being anoying...>

Comments, anyone?