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Chapter 14: Page 3

October 24th, 2011, 11:00 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

Dandy as a daisy. Someone tell me where I got that one.

Also, much like the last page, I laugh every time I see Riza and Xan's faces in the last two panels.

But yeah, things seem to be going...about as well as they usually do for this bunch. Which is really just that things are getting weird. Typical. I swear I don't have a single normal adult character in this comic.

Anyway, Question of the Update: What in the world do you think is wrong with Mr. Totem? Or do you think he's acting like a perfectly normal old man? :P

On a side note, I was complaining to real-life Aiden about needing a question for this page, and his first thought was to ask how many of you know who Mic Jagger is. "Like, lots of pop artists make references to him, but how many kids actually know who he is?" Yes, this is the real Aiden, guys. This is what's on his mind. He says hi, by the way.

And You Say...

Aramondii says,

Obviously he is normal.... I mean he acts like me! :3

maxinesheela says,

Oh no! Someone gave him SUGAR! Lets leave before the REAL hyper starts!

Guest says,

I've finally caught up with your comicXD I love it, the plot's really good!

Oh, and what's wrong with Mor Totem... I think he's perfect!XD Just slightly mental

pokesam says,

OHEY it's professor E. Gadd! *shot*

Rosemary (Guest) says,

I don't think we should be worrying about Mr. Totem's mental state then we should about his hair. Seriously, there's one chunk of it and it's standing directly on top of his head! Btw, as a future theory, I think Mr. Totem and Ooji are related.

PiMaster says,

When I first saw him, I thought "E. Gad!" as in the recurring character in the Mario series that is an inventor. Seriously, Mr. Totem looks like a taller, more realistic version him.

Shadow (Guest) says,

Mommy, I'm scared. LOL.

Comments, anyone?