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Chapter 14: Page 7

November 7th, 2011, 11:00 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

I figured it's been awhile since Riza's gone off in a flying rage; we were due for an explosion of some kind :P

Also, Mr. Totem's really rather immature for an old man, isn't he? I guess a giant book will do that to you.

But yeah. Hi. Nothing else important to say. Question of the Update: How old do you think Mr. Totem is? ...Physically, not mentally.


PS. I realize the paneling on this page is sort of...weird and non-flowy. I swear it made sense until I actually figured out where the speech bubbles would have to go...whoops.

And You Say...

Captain Ghost says,

... scary Riza is scary o__o

littlekitsune says,

Yeah... that is attractive Riza...>.>

SAMIE! (Guest) says,

Wow, Riza, that face is PERFECT!XD
I think Mr. Totem is, like, 100!

Rosie (Guest) says,

Hmmm, judging by the liver spots... 80 or so. I don't know the life expectancy in Rokenthia. Btw- Riza's face is a piece of art on it's own.

HumanBella says,

Well dang. O.O

DarSasu says,

Hmmm... I'm gonna guess early 90's...

and Riza o.o that FACE! ;A; It's magnificent!

CrossPixie says,

Riza's face could give someone nightmares *shiver* nicely done by the way! i loved it. :3

_Ashen_ says,

OMG!!! I love angry Riza!!! I love how she looks so wolf like! Great job!

Hmmmm... Mr. Totem? I'm gonna go with 75-ish.

LordSeth (Guest) says,

@sneaky ghost

Obviously she is so upset she tried to say halfway and all the way at the same time, so we get Halway!

IcyPheonix (Guest) says,

Riza has just snapped.

werekitty13 says,

Physically? Maybe eighty. Mentally? Twelve.

Riza... that face... that face...

MysticJanus (Guest) says,

Riza, your Wolfe is showing. ;p

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