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Chapter 14: Page 10

November 17th, 2011, 11:00 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

You know, I couldn't tell you if I actually wanted to do a page like this or if I just didn't feel like actually shading this week :P

Okay. So we're not actually learning too many new things here. A few, but not many. Patience. But look, pretty illustrations! Sorta.

Anyway. Coincidentally, I had a really good sort of background music while working on this page, since my favorite band just happens to be releasing a new album and it's streaming online and I've had it on repeat because it's amazing and sounds like a fairy tale and you should all go listen to it. The whole thing. Start here: </fangirling>

But! Question of the Update: Alright. At this point we've assessed that the Dreamers basically managed to end the Dragon Wars. Not that we really know much about those either, but do you guys have any theories on HOW they ended the wars? Go on. Get guessing.

And You Say...

maxinesheela says,

Look. Flashy light. They ended the wars with flashy lights.

Shiny pokemons!! says,

Simple, they used their powers to seal away the dragons and restore peace and prosperity to the land. The reason Riza is there is obviously to protect and or restore the seal. You learn a bit when you read so many different books. XD

_Ashen_ says,

O.O Epic song!!! It made me happy. :D Thanks for sharing!

Hmmmm... I really like Shiny_pokemons!! idea. I'm gonna go with the Dreamers have a special power(s). I'm also gonna guess that it either comes from the stones or from the fact that they are from a different "world".

LordSeth (Guest) says,

Love and Tolerance.

But really, something tells me Dreamers have perks that other species don't get.

Salimus says,

Is it just me or does that girl look like Riza? :o

maxinesheela says,

@Sallmus She looks like Riza, maybe a relation? Or perhaps all dreamers turn into half-wolves? Or it might be a book form the future?

DarSasu says,

Looks like Riza, definitely. The bird reminds me of Xan (Cause of phoenix) the wolf of Luna, the Feline of Dae and the horse... I think it's obvious XD

Comments, anyone?