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Chapter 14: Page 18

December 15th, 2011, 11:00 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

Well, Xan may have reasons for wanting to find his brother other than missing him, and Monty makes a slightly unusual request.

This chapter should be over in a couple weeks. Either the last week of December or the first week of January, I think. Once again, that will be the end of volume 2, and in early January is also DC's 5th anniversary. I'm still working out what to do for that. I'm tossing around the idea of some kind of live video chat (Ustream or Stickam or something) where I can grab one or two of the real-life inspirations behind the DC characters and we can make a little event of it. Make some announcements and explain some things and answer questions and whatnot. If I can get RL Aiden involved there may be some kind of musical performance. Or if that fails, we can always do some kind of text chat thing. And either way, I still want to livestream the creation of a page at least once :P That sounds fun.

I actually have some other goodies in mind for you guys in the coming month or so too, but whether or not those happen depend upon time, since my main concern at the moment is actually getting the pages done. But we'll see!

Meanwhile, Question of the Update: I've been watching a lot of movies the last few days. Assuming they could watch them, what do you think might be some of the DC kids' favorite flicks? Or at least what genre do you think they'd enjoy?

By the way, as far as last week's question goes, I should probably not have said I updated the character page before I asked that :P Brain fart. Duh.

See you Monday!

And You Say...

DarSasu says,

I have a feeling Dae would love documentaries and films that really make you think (like Gattica or something) or movies about books he would like in the real world.
Xan would probably like comedies :3 I'm sure Riza like comedies, too. And not girly Rom-Coms, I mean like the good comedies XD
As for Luna.... Well, I don't know ._.

_Ashen_ says,

I'm gonna go with DarSasu's pick for Dae, documentaries suit him, but I'm not sure if he would like movie adaptations of any book he has read (I can see him saying that it didn't do the book justice or that the book was perfect and they shouldn't have changed anything).

Riza... yeah, comedies suit her too, but I'm gonna also add fantasy for her.

Xan would probably go for Action/Adventure. I can see him eating up Lord of the Rings for some reason.

For Nira I'm gonna go out on a limb and say romance. lol

Luna would probably go for horror (to prove she isn't scared. lol).

CareBearCara101 says,

MAN... everyone wants to hit this guy!:)

Comments, anyone?