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Chapter 14: Page 20

December 23rd, 2011, 2:04 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

Yeah, I know, I'm late, sorry. Things happened :P It's Christmas, gimme a break. And in my defense, there are 9 different characters on this page, and a couple of backgrounds. It took awhile.

Anyway, we finally say goodbye to the library, as well as Riza and the crew for the moment, and at the bottom of the page...well, Salshira's back (and angry). As well as that suited guy at the desk. I wonder what he's writing. Abrupt scene change! I really ought to work on those.

Page content aside, I would say not to expect another update until like, Tuesday. I just can't see myself having time to do it until at least Monday, what with the holiday and all. Or I might just do two pages on Thursday. We'll see. You'll get two pages next week, they probably just won't be when they're supposed to be :P I do want this chapter done and out of the way though, so I'm not skipping any updates.

Regardless, Question of the Update: Considering that it /is/ almost Christmas, what sort of gifts do you think would be on the gang's lists if they were to celebrate it? Or, alternatively, what would you get them?

But anyway, happy holidays everyone! (or if you don't celebrate them, have a nice weekend :P).

And You Say...

Darkhog says,

Bone or steak for Luna? But seriously I'd get Riza booklet with all possible info about dreamers... and for Xan... Well he'd have appointment with his brother ;).

Browser says,

Thought from previous page (I clicked a bit too soon it seems). Xavier is the being who hired someone to kidnap Dae & kill Riza. At least, it seems it'd be tidy. Maybe boring though. Lots more archive to go through (I hope) so I'll find out more next year some time (these things usually take time, right?)! More reading to do now.

Comments, anyone?