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Announcements and stuff!

January 2nd, 2012, 11:01 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

Alright! So, now that scribbly MS Paint Riza has gotten your attention (don’t have PS installed on this new laptop yet), first off, again, we are DONE with the second volume of DC! Horraaaayyyyy! :D

Not that the volume divides really mean much other than giving me a way to break up the story into nice little chunks, and to give me reason to pat myself on the back every few chapters, but hey :P

But, more interestingly than the volume thing, on January 12th, DC will be celebrating its fifth anniversary as a webcomic :D I went with that date because January 12th, 2007 was the day that I put the first page of the comic on DA for the world to see, haha. To say the least, it’s been an interesting few years. There was a lot of arguing with my family that the comic was actually important and that the mass amount of time I was spending huddled over my computer was justified because people were actually reading the pages when they went up. I imagine that will continue until I move out. There’s also been a lot of telling my friends/classmates to stop hovering over my shoulder when I’m drawing and asking me what I’m doing and why I’m doing it like that and making weird comments on it so I can give them semi-logical answers (“Why is he bald?” “Because I haven’t drawn the hair yet.” “OMG, is she naked?!” “No, the clothes aren’t done yet.” “Why does that girl have ears?” “To hear with, duh.”). But that’s okay! Because I am determined to finish this comic regardless of what anyone else thinks it’s worth. That, and I love you guys and your comments and such brighten my day <3

Anyway, in celebration of the fact that we’ve got two big accomplishments at the same time here, I’m planning on two special celebratory events. Listen up, and save these dates.

Saturday, January 7th, 2012, 2:30 PM EST: Page Creation Livestream.
That’s right. Assuming I can find some software for it (I should really look into that, huh?), I’m jumping on this livestream bandwagon and will be doing the first page of Chapter 15/Volume 3 live on the internet for you all to watch. I don’t think it’s that exciting to watch me draw, but all the people that have been looking over my shoulder my whole life seem to think otherwise. I’m basically giving you permission to do that. It usually takes me 7-10 hours to get through a page, so this will pretty much be going on all day. I’d start earlier, but I’m rarely up and ready to accomplish anything before 2 anyway XD. Plus I figure if any of you guys are on like, the west coast, it’s still not too early. But in between drawing I’ll probably be chatting with you guys and subjecting you to whatever music I’m dancing in my chair to at the time (not that you can’t just mute that, but still). This is a good time to get any technical questions about what goes into making a page answered. I mean, I’ll probably answer whatever, but I will be mostly focusing on doing the page. I haven’t decided on a site for this yet; I’ll let you know and post a link day of. I know of a few; I’m gonna try to find something that doesn’t require you to make an account or anything because that’s dumb :P If all goes well with this I might make it a more regular thing.

Thursday, January 12th, 2012, 8 PM EST: Live Chat Party Thing.
Come talk to me! I’ve finally got a new laptop with a working mic and webcam, so I can do that thing where I can just chat with you guys and answer questions by speaking instead of typing everything. Granted, this is probably dumb because I’m way more articulate in text than in speech, but still. This is the time where you can ask all your questions about DC and the characters and story and world and all that fun stuff. Odds are I’ll start rambling and let some stuff slip that I probably shouldn’t tell you yet because I’m stupid like that. I’ll probably give some details about what to expect from the next volume and what’s to come in general. And there may be other interesting news mentioned, and I may have some ideas I’d like to discuss with you all to see what you think. But really, I love talking about the comic, so please, ask away. Or really just talk to me in general; I’m lonely. If I can I’ll try to get Mel or maybe Aiden or someone over here to help out, and we can all just have a fun internet party celebration thing.

So yeah! Save those dates! Be there or be square! Or, you know, not, because most people probably have better things to do, but still. Also, by “there” I of course mean in front of your computer screen.

…Please don’t make me talk to myself all day D:

But hey! I love you guys! You’re awesome and I’d probably not have gotten this far without you. Here’s to another volume, and another five years! Look for the Chapter 15 cover on Thursday. Until then, Question of the Update: Do you see potential flaws with these plans? Something I didn’t consider? WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?! D: Also, will you actually try to stop by and say hi at either of these, or will I indeed be talking to myself?

Meanwhile, I'm probably going to go play Skyward Sword all day in celebration. Later kids.

And You Say...

PureSnowBird says,

I'll def. watch you drawing :3 even though it will start at around 7.30pm and then ill be doing an all nighter because i love watching ppl draw but w/e.

The chat party may get a bit crowded so i wont be there... Everybody talking at once @. @ hurt my ears. ANYWAY yeah >w < Lookin forward to it <3

Captain Ghost says,

I'll be there if I have access to a good comp - though chances of that are.. well, we'll see v.v;;

And congrats, by the way. Five years is nothing to sneeze at ~

sonicstar4453 says,

i know how you feel with your friends. except with me, its classmates whom i hate, and they just hover there asking what the hell my characters are. (i draw sonic characters) and then theres a couple who draw on them and i freak out cuz it takes me like half an hour to get it all nice and stuff.
Besides my ranting, congrats on five years of DC! :D

_Ashen_ says,

*tears* I have limited web use at the moment (away from college at the moment so I only have the interwebs during from during the week) so I'm gonna have to miss the page creation for sure. The chat party depends on if I can find my webcam... *crosses fingers*

keep up the great work and personally, I can't wait for more!

zetina says,


I will likely forget about these events or have other things planned. I suck at keeping track of timezones, so if I figure out what those are in GMT+2, I may consider dropping by =u=

If all else fails, I'll finally get to drawing Riza and co XD

Hazumirein says,

For those having trouble with timezones, this might help:

Also, as far as the chat party goes, you guys probably won't need webcams. I'm definitely going to do some looking around to see what I can find that'll let us all talk at once, but most sites I know of will only let the broadcaster and a few others on camera at a time, and everybody else just has a text chat box. So if you don't have a working webcam, no worries, I'll make sure you're still able to participate :D

capri1722 says,

Yus! Of course I shall be there! For both, hopefully...we'll see how much homework this internship decides to give me.

EDIT: But wait...where are you going to post the link(s)?

Hazumirein says,

@capri1722: I'll probably just make a comment here with the links because I don't know where else to put them that you guys might actually look XD I don't think any of you follow me on Twitter or anything, so that's useless. But yeah, they'll be up either on this page or the latest page at the time...or probably both. Or maybe I'll even make a whole new page/post to announce them and just delete it later. But they will be posted on the DC site.

pegasiger says,

i hate the weird questions when your drawing anything anime or remotely fantasy lol i draw a lot of furs so i know that feeling o_O and for what its worth i absolutely LOVE this comic and am very glad you choose to stay with it =^.^=

Shiny pokemons!! says,

Yay Skyward Sword! Have a blast, wish I could play it. Just gotta get a Wii Motion Plus, then I'ma go kick Demise's butt!

LordSeth (Guest) says,

Haha! I beat it the other day! (i feel so superior now) though I was expecting a little more from the final boss. Still awesome though.

Anyways, im looking forward to the anniversary!

Cutefox101 (Guest) says,

I'm so there! I love this comic a lot though I don't get to comment because I'm very busy. It'd be awesome top see that. So far as I can tell if you know where to go to do this you're doing fine

the being says,

I've been with this comic for quite a while...

I think it has been about a year and a half. Okay so it isn't THAT long compared to a lot of people.
at first, when I was reading the synopsis and moving through the first few pages of the story, I was really jealous. Mostly because some elements in it seemed very close to my own original story I have been developing.
But as I read on this story has becoming inspiring for me, that even with the annoying things family/friends come at you with, it is still worth doing in the end.
Keep on going, this has been a very good read~! :D

Comments, anyone?