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Chapter 15: Cover

January 5th, 2012, 11:00 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

Chapter coverrrrr. I seem to be making a habit of coloring these lately.

Anyway, clearly Riza has a new friend. I'm pretty sure she just grows them in her backyard and pulls them up like carrots.

Obviously this means more new characters. Fortunately or unfortunately, DC has a lot of those. Most don't stay long, some pop in and out, others become constants. I'm kinda psyched for the new kids coming in over the next 2-3 chapters; they've been around for 5-7 years at this point, if not more, and it's nice that they're finally making it into the comic. I'm still kind of shocked that I've made it this far; I remember writing these chapters years ago and being like, "ugh, I'll never get to this part!", but here we are. Neat.

Annnyway. Do remember that we're having some fun things for DC's 5th anniversary coming up--the page livestream on Saturday, the 7th, and a live chat party on Thursday, the 12th. Check the last post for details if you happened to miss that. Again, please don't make me talk to myself all day D:

That aside, Question of the Update: Alright, since I brought it up, for those of you that are also, uh, creators--if you have OCs, who is your oldest, and do you still draw/write/do anything at all with them? Or did they get forgotten with time? If you don't have any characters of your own, I am challenging you to make one. On the spot. Just a name, race, and short description/bio will do. Fan characters (for any series) are cool. Of course anyone's permitted to take that challenge, but I'm aiming at those who haven't done it before :3 Have fun.

Otherwise, I hope to see as many of you as possible on Saturday! If not, well, you'll just see the completed next page Monday as usual, I guess.

And You Say...

PureSnowBird says,

Oldest character i have has had like, 15 names xD I keep re-naming her. Been writing her story for about 6 years on and off so that's how old she is... Hoping to make the story into a webcomic when i learn to draw D< but w/e her current name is... Reina... I think D: Gotta stick with one name :l

-cant wait for the livestream :D-

LordSeth (Guest) says,

My first OC? I think it was a cartoon version of myself. He had a long neck and stupid bowl-cut. neither of which I actually had! He dropped out of my art for a while, but he's managed to resurface occasionally in sketches. (though you may not recognize him.)
My other character was made when I had a friend who made his own comics wanted me to join him. So we made an Animal Crossing comic. My character...had negative neck this time and was poorly drawn. but he became what I used to measure my improve of art nowadays because he's gone through so many changes.

Koolkatt says,

my first character i named after one of my favourite bands at the time... and he was a generic emo kid, sigh.
///bored and commenting for once; weird///

Captain Ghost says,

First actual OC is probably from when my friends and I used to RP out loud, we woulda been... 5-ish? So around 15-16 years ago.

He was Zapcat, a kokiri (later a korika because I found out about Legend of Zelda and, well..)-- he was a catlike dude who walked on two feet. All korikas had leaves on their tails or else they died. He also had two circles on his cheeks with a Z inscribed in each.

He's been mostly forgotten, the poor thing ):

After that venture, my next oldest and definitely dearest...
From when I was around 6-7, would have to be Frey, Mek, and Storm. I draw Frey alllllllllllll the time. ALL THE TIME. He's come a ways haha. And so have the other two. I still RP the three of em and hope to make a comic/novel about them one day, when I get good enough ^^

(s'cuse the rambling. I blame the question! ;o

edit; also, this chapter title has me pretty darn excited 8D

_Ashen_ says,

Yay! New characters! Not that I don't love the ones that we have, but new peeps are always fun! I don't draw, but I do write and rp.

My first oc was... well embarrassing now. Probably the worst Mary Sue in the world, but I think everyone that starting out does that and if you don't you are epic. Anyways, she was a Jedi for a Star Wars fanfiction I did with my sister. Her name was Aravis and I made up her race, so she was an Inizio. She ended up dying after three completed fanfics, so she lived her life to the end. She was around 16 when I started writing and died in her late 40s if I remember right. So not forgotten just finished telling her story. :D

I have toyed with a half-fox for DC since you don't have one (or you may, that would make me a very happy reader. lol). I've been calling her Kya or Kit in my head, it keeps changing between the two. ;D

CactusJuicy says,

Omg its the guy from the archive page :o.

Aaaanyway my oldest OC was Rika, who was basically just an anime alter ego of myself. ... she was kinda boring, I still draw her from time to time.

And my newest OC is a robot that thinks she is a human, but used to be a cat. She's sort of a work in progress still though.

capri1722 says,

I don't really draw specific OCs, unless I'm writing a story about them first...I do draw a LOT of anime people...most recently it's been faeries and mermaids. But the most recent OCs I've drawn I think were Cameron & Genevieve, my twins from NaNoWriMo 2011.

As for my first OC, she was never drawn, she basically had a name (Ryan) and was human with the ability of either invisibility or creating forcefields (not totally certain, but I'm pretty sure it was usually/always the latter). Oh wait, I did draw her! Cuz she showed up in a story I was writing early last year that originated from a dream. I need to stop doing that, writing stories that are based off never turns out well for me (or Stephanie, for that matter).

CactusJuicy says,

lol, I attempt to write stories from dreams all the time. I usually abandon them because they get too weird.

Tezcacoatl says,

My first OC was for NaNoWriMo. His name was Fin, and he was a coward. I don't do anything with him anymore, but he still holds a special place in my heart because until then I never seriously wrote.

My first non-NaNo characters were twins, Galen and Saxton. I haven't done much with them, but I still have them in my mind. But right now I'm on a different story with more developed characters and plot.

Also, I'm excited for this new chapter. :D

nekoboy44 says,

I've had about 5 characters that I made back when I was in 7th grade and I've kept them with me, and added a few new ones as I got older. My first ones have always been my main babies and I love them. x3
I've changed them a few times over the years, but mostly their looks and hair styles and color. Everything else has stayed the same.

IcyPheonix (Guest) says,

My first OC(s) were all made at roughly that same time back in like, grade 6/7. The first one was Amber, the shapeshifter(now a half-shifter) with the ears and tail of a cat(which she could make vanish if need be) and could take on the form of any animal so long as she knew what it looked like.
The others were Ray-a short half elf with no sense of direction at all(seriously, he probably couldn't find his way out of a paper bag) Samira-an elfin sorceress and Amber's best friend, and James, a human fighter (and Amber's love interest though she is/was a bit oblivious to it).
I did a redraw recently of them to compare how my drawing has changed and improved in 7 years(the original image was from like, '04-'05 or something). I have several short stories written with them, I tried (a long time ago) a longer one but it totally failed.
And I've slowly been tweaking them over the years, mainly to make them less like Mary Sues xD

Tessan12 says,

my oldest one is a albino troll (started to draw him again)
other wise it is Makoto, birthday on my birthday (har to forgett that basterd)

Silaya (Guest) says,

Ah hell nah!!! Daeza 4 liefe.

Looni (Guest) says,

My first OC....
It was perhaps my wolf/something Saihy. Or maybe her brother Reiksu. Dunno.
However, I threw those two away some time ago, due to them being really poorly developed characters xD
The ones that are stealing my focus are my two Asnaemiyxs, Zanahl and Urem. Still working on the design for the species, though e.e

Comments, anyone?