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Chapter 15: Page 2

January 12th, 2012, 11:00 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

Oh hey color. This is one of those times that I wish it wasn't so time-consuming to do regularly.

And...well, Riza did ask.

Dae wouldn't actually hurt her though, right? ...Right? O_o;

Anyway! Page aside, it is DC's 5th anniversary today! :D And we're having the live chat party thing tonight, and you should definitely all come and talk to me and stuff :3 You do not need a webcam--there's a text chat box--but if you have one feel free to jump in on that. The chatroom itself will be around all day, I think, but I'm getting on about 8 PM EST, and the party starts then XD


I'm hoping that works. If it doesn't I'll have a new link posted before 8, no worries.

But! I will hopefully see some of you tonight! If not, I'll see you Monday :P

Question of the Update: I've been on a video game kick lately because I've actually had time for them, which I'm sure won't last much longer. But, if there were to be a game based on the DC world, what would you like it to be? Something that follows the adventures of Riza and friends, maybe an RPG? A spin-off story? Something in the same world with different characters? A fighting game? Some kind of MMO taking place on Sanvolae? What? :D

Speaking of which I'm going to go glue my hands to a controller for a few hours again :P

And You Say...

LordSeth (Guest) says,

A DC (not Detective Comics >:P) MMO would be awesome! If any of us had a clue what would happen...BECAUSE NO PLOT! (Or at least a very slow one).
On the other hand I would also enjoy an RPG of the DC crew. :D

Stolloss (Guest) says,

And for the 5th anniversary of the comic, we get a surprise ending where Dae cuts Riza's throat! Hoor- wait, what?

He's so calm about it too.

If there was a game about DC, it would definitely have to be some sort of RPG. The world just has that feel. The classes form too easily for it not to be.

Shiny pokemons!! says,

I'd have to say an epic online rpg game where the players can change the world. XD

But that would be impossible. -_-'

PureSnowBird says,

:D MMORPG <3 the game would be epic. Just decided.

f0xhole (Guest) says,

Some sort of Dragon Age/Mass Effect style RPG I'm thinking

littlekitsune says,

yay color

Silaya (Guest) says,

Yes. Just yes.

LouLouBaBa says,

What have we got here?

Has anyone else noticed that everyone has like, grown up? Dae used to be a small chubby-cheeked kid and look at him now! What are you feeding him Luna?

Morningdal says,

A game like Dragon age where your choices and/or dialogue effect the outcome and how much your companions liked you would be fun to play.

Silaya Arctic Prower says,


Comments, anyone?