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Chapter 15: Page 5

January 23rd, 2012, 11:00 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

So that's what was in the bushes. Interesting. Well, there was a rabbit, anyway.

For all the canine creatures that are in this comic, I think this is the first time we've seen an actual wolf. Er, maybe.

Anyway, that's about all I have to say about that; Question of the Update: Since the question about your OCs went over so well last time, I think I'll keep going in that vein. I've been looking at a lot of my characters lately and remembering exactly where they came from to begin with. For example, a lot of DC's chars were originally fan characters for something or other. Others were just, well, I'd see/hear someone/something and think, "I want a character like that!" and proceed to make one XD. Typically it doesn't take long for them to develop away from the original inspiration and become something of their own, but they all started somewhere. So my question is, for those of you with OCs of any kind, pick one and tell me where they came from. What originally inspired you to make them? How close did they remain to their original ideas? And any other information you deem relevant to the topic. Go go go!

Oh, and on a side note, does anyone remember that create-a-half-creature contest from way back when? I've been tossing around the idea of doing something like that again, only maybe with demons this time. Opinions?

But yeah, see you Thursday.

And You Say...

LordSeth (Guest) says,

I had a character based off the game Animal Crossing. I was eight, and it was very silly and stupid. Thankfully both the world and him have gotten better over time. I blame my friend for wanting me to make that comic with him. Look what that did: got me into drawing.

Shiny pokemons!! says,

Something tells me that wolf isn't a normal wolf though... 0.0

There must be something behind it!

Oh yeah! For the question, I guess most of my little characters just come to mind, since I read plenty of manga and watch lots of anime. But I suspect that most of my characters hold a part of me in them. Whether it's their attitude, their actions or everything about them. It's kinda weird...

benebob says,

I think the wolf can turn into Riza 2.0 (as everyone else calls him). They have the same tail.

Ninja Kitten XP says,

dude! if he can change his form... then can Risa do that as well? or is he just speceial?(Sorry about bad spelling)

evilRevan says,

Once again, another lovely page. Curious about the canine, but somehow, I think he's more than he appears to be.

For the question you posed to the rest of us, I have only a few that I've stuck with. One, Hatori, is one of the few that has been tweaked here and there. But he still remains the same in a way. His appearance, attitude, and outlook on the world are still unchanged. Originally he was created via a RP between me and a friend of mine three years ago. If anything, I loved wolves, purple, and the shapeshifters. But I wanted something a little different than Human/animal shifters. Hence Hatori's creation. Instead of a human, he was born as a wolf and later on in his life, the ability to change and 'blend' in with Humans.

Possibly a little more than you wanted to know, but I tend to trail off when it comes to him. Although I'm a female, he's possibly the only male character I can comfortable use.

CactusJuicy says,

Well, my character Kohana started in an Rp about magical creatures in high school or something. She was a rather irritable genie who twisted people's wishes around to amuse herself. Then, I had started a sort of magical girl-ish manga about her, but she was more carefree. She started out as belonging to a thieve's guild in some ancient time, and had been assigned to steal some magic gem from a witch's castle and had been cursed to become a genie along with this other thief guy she had a crush on. And then some modern guy found her bottle and wished for a thousand wishes, to her annoyance, and they can't stand each other, but of course end up falling in love, and eventually they meet Kohana's old friends. The guy she had a crush on also became a genie as he was also stealing from the witch, and her other friend, a girl who wasn't too bright actually got herself killed and is now a ghost. They all went on a quest to find the gem in the present day, which could lift the witch's curse. The other genie dude ends up not wanting to break the because thousands of years of passed and he thinks he'd be dead and hasn't done many good things... And Kohana then undoes it on herself and disappears. No one knows what happens to her. After that I was sort of not sure where I wanted to go with her story, but recently I have a vague idea that she now is someone who travels between worlds. She should have been dead thousands of years ago, but because magic interfered with her life she now doesn't belong to any world. She actually meets others in the same situation and they all have bonded to magical animals that are able to anchor them in one world. Kohana eventually bonds with a magic llama named Carl, and travels around trying to find her old world.

Yes, my mind is weird. The first manga I tried to start never got very far, but I want to eventually make this idea into a comic, even if just as a personal thing. It would be two parts, the first more childish, and the second a bit more grown up.

Anyway sorry for going on about this, but I just sort of reminding myself too, I don;t know if that makes sense XD

IcyPheonix (Guest) says,

I think another contest would be awesome.

As for where my OCs came from, honestly, I don't know where any of them came from so I can't really pick one. They just sorta, popped into my head. They've likely been inspired by thing(s) I've seen/read/watched.

Comments, anyone?