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Chapter 15: Page 12

March 8th, 2012, 11:00 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

Color! I felt that after all the missed updates, the least I could do was color a page :P Though I left it a little muted because it is technically a flashback.

But, I told you Faro had friends! If you couldn't guess, Triv is the wolf; Adrian is the human. Also, no, I didn't mess up the speech bubble--the wolf did talk. Yes, this is actually a little weird, even for Sanvolae.

Anyway. I realized as I was doing this that despite how simple pages like this look, I actually spend a lot of time on them because when I'm introducing new characters, I play with the designs for ages until I get all the details right. Like, even the sketches wind up pretty clean XD Then after that I go right back to scribbling.

Oh, by the way, greetings to all the new SJ fans that DC has randomly picked up the past couple weeks :3

Question of the Update: Just how in the world did Faro manage to befriend a talking wolf with a funny marking, and a human kid?

And You Say...

Drakeflame13 says,


CareBearCara101 says,

Wow. Interesting stuff happens when she go's off alone:)

Lalagig says,


Dude, the blonde is hottttt!

pegasiger says,

yay color =^.^=

Ally-Oop says,

Oh Lordy!

That blonde guy is cute

I think Riza should date him... and if it makes Dae jealous in the mean time, that would be even better

ladygoddessmonika says,

OMG! Its a pretty boy!!! **Sparkle*Sparkle**

Shiny pokemons!! says,

Meet them? Guess this world has fate too.

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