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Chapter 15: Page 18

March 29th, 2012, 11:00 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

Oh hey Riza has a mustache. Not really. That arrow is supposed to have come from somewhere behind them, by the way, in case that wasn't clear. I was having some issues with this page.

Also, yeah, that bow's been back there the whole time, I just never had Ade standing at an angle where you could see it. (read: I didn't even figure out exactly where it was until I had to draw this page so we're going to assume you just couldn't see it.)

That said, it is 3 AM and I am getting off of here. Question of the Update: By the looks of things we're coming up on the 700 fan mark here on SJ (holy shit that's a big number to me); any requests for the traditional thank-you pic? I'm not sure what to do this time.

And You Say...

capri1722 says,

Baby/chibi characters? :3

PureSnowBird says,

I agree

Birdz555 says,

I really like this page :3 The perspective in the 2nd panel, the arrow whizzing by in the 5th! (Also, from what I can tell Ade shoots left like I do! Although he grabs the arrow with his right hand, bow with his left and the switches hands for the last panel...which seems kind of weird.)

I really love this comic! I've been a regular reader for a while, just never commented (how terrible of me haha). This page made me though! :D

Hazumirein says,

@Birdz555: ...I knew I was gonna screw up the archery thing somehow XD I'm so useless with weapon usage.

Birdz555 says,

@Hazumirein: Haha that's okay! I'm no expert myself!

Comments, anyone?