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Chapter 15: Page 20

April 6th, 2012, 11:00 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

YES I'm late I know life happens. Apologies.

Well, evidently those villagers aren't about to let them go so easily. Or at least this guy isn't.

You guys have no idea how much time I spent on that stupid horse. It refused to look right. Sorry for the half-assed job on the tack; there's a reason Arashi never wears a saddle or bridle. Also, just...imagine that it's whinnying or whatever, because I have yet to come up with a decent sound effect for that.

Oh, and if I didn't convey it well enough---and I'm not sure I did--he's meant to have come up from behind then ridden around to end up in front of them.

Question of the Update: Instead of the obvious "who's this old guy" the horse! :D

Though you're welcome to guess at who he is too.

And You Say...

Shiny pokemons!! says,

We shall name the horse Maximus, and his rider, Prime. XD

LordSeth (Guest) says,

@ Shiny *Facepalm*

I shall call it...Rhasai!
Speaking of Arashi I was playing a game (Megaman Battle Network 2, one of my favorites, but let's digress). The name of the guy operating the Airman was named Arashi. Not that he lasted very long at all. Now I have to wonder if the name means something. I mean, like I've heard of two or three fire mages named Xan now,

maxinesheela says,

Abelard, and the rider is Halt. Props if you get the referance.

Hazu (is logged out) (Guest) says,

@Seth: Arashi is Japanese for "storm"; I picked it out years ago when I was anime obsessed. Nowadays I like to pretend it means something else on Sanvolae :P But that's it as far as meaning. As for Xan...I made that one up years ago too; had never heard it before at the time. I don't think he was originally a fire mage either. But yeah, I've heard it a couple times since; those are just coincidences XD

capri1722 says,

My first thought was that he's Xan's father...

And the horse shall be called Neral. Because I clicked the randomizer button on my dictionary app until it came up with something cool-sounding. :P

HOAPJHG1D (Guest) says,

Hey, it's HOAPJHG, i just HAVE to add 1D.
The horse should be-
Girl- Katniss, Nina, Amber, Patricia, Prim Rose, Rue, Annabeth, Thalia, and ZELDA.
Guy- Liam, Harry, Niall, Zayn, Louis, Peeta, Finnick, Haymitch, Link, Percy, Grover, Nico, Fabian, Eddie, Jerome, Luke, and ANAKIN.
You can choose. ;)
-TheKatnissAnnnabethNina LOVES LIAM PAYNE. <3 1D

blackpickles says,

you put the girth in the wrong place. it goes right behind the front legs, not in the middle of its stomach. the stirrup and the girth should switch spots
and the horses name should be gus

Hazumirein says,

@capri1722: I didn't actually realize how much he looked like Xan's dad until I was done drawing him, haha. Whoops. But they are unrelated.

@HOAPJHG1D: The sad part is I know where most of those names are from even though I'm a part of almost none of those fandoms. Tumblr is very educational, apparently. (I actually laughed the hardest at the One Direction ones because it's so out of place with the others. Not that I've never named/modeled a character after members of my favorite bands.)

@blackpickles: Yeah, I know I effed up the tack pretty bad :I After fighting with the horse itself so much I think I just gave up trying, haha. (I could always use the excuse that Sanvolaen saddles are different, but...yeah. That's lame XD)

HOAPJHG1D (Guest) says,

1D IS AMAZING. hee tee... I'm obsessive.

Bluh Bluh (Guest) says,

Pwetty horse. OuO

Comments, anyone?