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Chapter 16: Cover

May 21st, 2012, 11:00 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

...Remember when I said I ought to take last Thursday off since it was my birthday? Well, I wasn't actually intending to do that, but...uh, that's kinda what happened.

Well. Sort of. I actually don't even know what happened last week. It's like I thought I'd have time to do this and then suddenly just didn't. Um. Yeah. But here's your chapter cover!

And in apology for my absence, here's a wallpaper based on this cover, if you guys want it. Actually I mostly just made it because I needed a new WP, and my screen is giant, which is why the image is also giant...I figure at least there won't be any complaints about it not being big enough:

I had a couple other ideas for this cover, but then the idea of everyone just kind of in a dogpile popped into my head and was too entertaining to pass up.

Featherscales is really only in there to take up space. Arashi and Twyla would've been too big.

Question of the Update: How exactly do you think this pile of DC kids came about? Because I honestly have no idea.

And You Say...

lordseth (Guest) says,

Hm, I really should get to fixing those chapter covers I did take as wallpapers. Though now it'll be nice to have an actual wallpaper from here! :3

Trying to think of a story for the dog-pile. (huh, about half of them are canines of some sort, does that count as a pun?) And I got nothing. Besides how Dae has his arm over Riza. And Faro seems to be swatting his head for it, or something.

pegasiger says,

cant wait for the new chapter =^.^=

Darkhog (Guest) says,

Could make wallpaper that features featherscales playing in the woods?

Comments, anyone?