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Chapter 16: Page 5

June 7th, 2012, 11:01 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

Oh, you thought Riza was over the thing with Nirako? Wrong. (Unless you didn't think that, in which case you're probably right.)

Actually, let's just make a Question of the Update out of that: Did you think Riza had actually backed off and accepted Nirako, or were you just waiting for her to blow up about it again? Alternatively, what do you think Luna will have to say about the matter?

Regardless, clearly Dae's self-defense on this matter is lacking a bit.

That said, this is probably one of my favorite pages in awhile.

Song of the Week is "Better Luck Next Time" by We Are The In Crowd. I just thought it appropriate for the current scene. Listen to the lyrics, you'll get it. I think. It makes sense to me, anyway. I love the dynamic this band has with the male and female vocals creating a sort of conversation (or maybe argument, as the case may be).

Till next week. Hopefully.

EDIT: OH. ALSO. I NEED HELP WITH SOMETHING. I keep forgetting about this--is anyone here reasonably fluent in Spanish? Like, enough to accurately translate a few lines from English to Spanish for me? I swear this is relevant to DC, haha. You'll understand later. If you think you can help, comment/PM me/whatever and say so. It's really just a couple lines, but I haven't taken Spanish since 10th grade and wasn't that great at it anyway. Halp?

And You Say...

cooltime17 says,

nice, unfortunately I can't help you with Spanish but I hope you do find someone.

Luna looks more amused by this.

Shinjitsu says,

I can translate for you, Spanish is actually my native language.

pegasiger says,

i was just waiting for riza to blow up about nirako, i think luna will side with riza cause dae's kinda out of line. i think it should be up to riza to decide who accompanies her on her quest. and as far as the spanish thing my mom speaks some spanish, i could see if she could translate it for you if you'd like.

Foreverrain47 (Guest) says,

I always hoped that Riza was going to blow up on daemon for the whole Nirako thing. And I speak Spanish and can translate. It's my first language, so I'm good for both Spanish and English :)

lordseth (Guest) says,

I'm cheering for Riza right now. And lucky you! Two native speakers! I can't help, I took Italian in High School. :P

Hazumirein says,

@Shinjitsu and Foreverrain47: Perfect, thank you! Can I just send the lines to both of you? Just to see if the translations match up (if they don't I'll probably just pick one...haha). Shinjitsu, I can just PM you; Foreverrain, do you have an email or something I can send it to?

Shinjitsu says,

@Hazumirein: Sounds good.

CareBearCara101 says,

She has a point:)

Silaya (Guest) says,

My interpretation of Luna: say something? eh. she kinda has a point.

Comments, anyone?