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Chapter 16: Page 8

June 18th, 2012, 11:00 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

Apparently even Luna's having some doubts about the situation she's gotten herself into. Babysitting a bunch of teenagers probably wasn't on her agenda.

Also, those of you who thought Nirako would just shrug everything off, she's not quite THAT unemotional. Looks like Arashi's keeping her company, though :P

The one nice thing about this comic moving at a one-page-at-a-time speed is that it leaves me a lot of time to go back and edit parts of the script that I originally wrote years ago in order to clarify things, add foreshadowing, add more action or edit dialogue, etc. For example, probably at least a third of this chapter was added in post, including the part about Dae pushing Nira away (originally he was just gonna finish fighting with Riza and stomp away), as well as this next scene and another one a bit later in the chapter that I literally put in like 2 days ago because I thought it'd be interesting and I figured I had room for it.

I've also found that there are characters that are kind of just there at first and I don't really enjoy until I have to draw them into the comic, so I've wound up adding more with them XD It's interesting. Just know that about a third of the material that makes it onto the comic pages probably wasn't in my first draft script.

On another note entirely, I kind of wish you guys could see sleeping Faro/Ade/Triv up close; they're kind of adorable XD.

ANYWAY, that aside, Question of the Update: Clearly this whole situation isn't really what Luna had planned. Would you question her loyalty at all? Do you think she'll ever hit a point where she's just had enough and decides to go back to her hut in the woods or wherever?

And You Say...

IcyPheonix (Guest) says,

I don't think so. That doesn't seem quite like her. Maybe leave to be on her own to escape all the teenagers for a few hours but not forever. Someone has to keep them from killing each other xD

pegasiger says,

i don't think she'd leave, but i do think she's close to snapping and going all mamma wolf and smacking some sense into everyone. also i think she enjoys the company more than she's willing to admit

ladygoddessmonika says,

Everyone was sort of treating Riza bad so when she finds people who actually seem to care of course she wants to be with them. I mean come on. They invited a woman who tried to kill her and one of her friends just threatened her.

Comments, anyone?