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Chapter 16: Page 14

July 12th, 2012, 11:00 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

You know, when I wrote this scene I was kind of making it up as I went along, so I just had like 3 paragraphs of text describing what was going through Nira's head. I condensed it to one comic page. I feel like that's an accomplishment.

Actually I've been getting a lot better at condensing my text scripts into fewer pages, which gives me more wiggle room to add stuff in that makes the chapters more interesting without getting too long. In fact if it weren't for the extra scenes this chapter probably would have only been like, 15 pages :P Now I'm betting on it being closer to the average 25 or so.

That aside, I realized as I was cramming to get this page done that there's absolutely no way I'm getting a page done for Monday simply because my work schedule for this week was Wednesday afternoon/evening then all day every day through Sunday. Well, okay, technically I'm off today; I'm out at Warped Tour running around, watching a ton of bands and harassing my coworkers (uh, I work security/customer service for concerts/sports, if you didn't know). But every other day I'm actually in uniform.

Anyway, there'll be 2 pages next week still; they'll probably both go up Thursday or something. I'm just not going to be home to do one before Monday.

Question of the Update: Apparently something's caught Nirako's attention at the bottom of the page there; what do you think it is?

Also, yes, third panel is Nira and Dae arguing as kids. No idea what about; likely something dumb. But, fun fact: That's the tree Dae fell out of where he landed on the rock (also visible) and wound up with that scar on his arm.

Oh, almost forgot, Song of the Week is Rise Against's "The Dirt Whispered" simply because for some reason I could never quite pinpoint, this song always makes me think of Nirako, and this page is all her :P

And You Say...

pegasiger says,

she probably knows something about dae's nightmares

Ninja Kitten XP says,

In the seconclast pannel, I swear a light bulb wnt off.

Wish I knew what she relized though...

cooltime17 says,

ether what ninja kitten said, or given the final expression, she has heard something, and she don't like it

Comments, anyone?