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Chapter 16: Page 24

August 23rd, 2012, 11:00 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

UGH I'M SORRY I have no idea what even happened to Monday. DJsljadsakljdhsa. BUT on the bright side this chapter is finally over!

I have to admit, it might be a stupid little thing but I'm kind of proud of myself for NEVER mentioning Maya's name on the internet until now. She's not even been in much art. Well-kept secret since she's sort of crucial to DC's plot...if you hadn't guessed that :P We've finally got another Dreamer! Clearly Luna and Riza didn't expect that. Three guesses what the jewel on her bracelet is.

Admittedly that last line of Spanish might not be quite correct because I did part of the translation myself because I didn't want to spoil it for my translator either :P Thanks again Shinjitsu for helping with that, by the way!

Question of the Update: Be honest, did any of you expect that to be who she was? Or did I actually manage to surprised you this time? XD

And also of course it's the end of the chapter so feel free to talk about it as a whole and what you liked and didn't like and what I should work on and if you have any questions, now would be a good time to ask.

Next chapter is a turning point of sorts in the story. Things actually start moving a bit. Promise. Plus there's some bad guy action that you guys are probably gonna have a love/hate reaction to. I think. We'll see.

And You Say...

LunaMagi says,

damn right, that girl is sexy. I love the hair!

Captain Ghost says,

Colour me surprised o__o

In the best way.

... Wow.

pegasiger says,

ooo totally didn't see that, friend or foe?

MetaFawful says,

Yeah, I was kind of expecting that.

_Ashen_ says,

OMG! You totally got me! I didn't see that coming at all!

Malkus says,

I have to say that I was kind of expecting that after seeing the other half-creatures. The probability of going so far without being sought out by other Dreamers was small. Especially since she had already been attacked by the opposition.

And what kind of half-creature is she? Monkey?

LordSeth (Guest) says,

color me surprised. Though I think it's about time the plot moved forward a bit.
considering the canines and ear shape, I'm sticking with the panther guess.

WuJiaMin says,

...Didn't see that coming. XD

MetaFawful says,

She's obviously half-cat.

vampie (Guest) says,

FINALLY another dreamer

Timotheus (Guest) says,

That was one of the possibilities that crossed my mind after she showed up, since English had a corresponding language group in this world it was likely Spanish would too. So are we going to see Russian and Chinese soon?

cooltime17 says,

nice, was surprised,

hmm. a panther, or a marsupial...

nice work

IcyPheonix (Guest) says,

If she's South American, I'd guess she's half cat(like, black panther)or Jaguarundi(which is like a very long, small black cat like animal-just google it if you don't know).

WuJiaMin says,

I hope that she's from Peru, like my mum ^^

m (Guest) says,


You made a small error, though not a grammatical one. I've been taught that the custom is not to say "my name is Maya Moreno" but "I'm called Maya Moreno" (or literally "I call myself Maya Moreno"). So the translation would be "Me llama Maya Moreno."
It's not technically incorrect, but it's like if someone said "I have embarrassment" (the literal translation of "tengo verg├╝enza") instead of "I'm embarrassed." It's just not how people talk.
Liking the comic as I read through the archives, though I feel like after the Lunos debacle you started introducing a lot of characters at a breakneck pace and I kind of wish you'd given some time to let them show more of their personality. Especially Xan. I feel like there could have been some more characterization for him if the plot were a bit more spaced out. Right now he just seems like Bizarro Daemian. Other than that, it's a very interesting ride and I can't wait to finish the archive!

Hazumirein says,

@m: Maya is the last major character introduced for quite awhile. It's mostly plot and fleshing out existing characters from here on, and while admittedly I don't get to spend as much time on any of them as I'd like, the story is nowhere near over so we'll get there eventually. As for the Spanish, I did ask someone for some help, but I haven't had a Spanish class in like 8 years and was more than a little rusty on things like grammatical customs by the time this rolled around. I think the original script had "me llama", but I wound up going with a more word-for-word translation of what she was saying. Regardless, glad you're enjoying the comic.

MysticJanus (Guest) says,

My guesses would be these:
Jackal - Africa
Hawk - Europe
Horse - Asia
Seal - Antarctica
Ram - Australia

Comments, anyone?